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It's here! · 12:47am Nov 12th, 2012

Well, a lot has been happening lately, if you haven't noticed. Season 3 is here! I've been waiting for that one all summer. But, the real reason I'm here right now is because my Paragon just passed 500 views. Yay!

So, a few weeks ago, or something (I'm not really sure how long ago it was), I looked at the view count on Paragon, and it was at about 460 or so, and I decided I was going to do something when it reached 500 views. But, I really had no idea of what to do for this, until I started writing my new story. So, here we are, and here is the prologue for my new story (I'm still kind of working on the title).

"Come one, come all,
To hear of the tale
Of the land we call our home.

"From the winds of the forests,
To the mighty sea gales
Of the land we all call home.

"This land full of beauty and wonder,
Began in a harsh, dreadful storm.

"But this place that we live in
Is not what was given,
But the land we made our home.

"Our story begins
With a trio of tribes,
The tribes you surely know.

"The three tribes who fought:
They all cared not
As an evil began to grow.

"An evil that fed on their hatred,
And feared the one thing the tribes lacked.

"And they just fought longer
As the evil grew stronger,
And destroyed their only home.

"In search of new haven,
No tribe remained
In that land they once called home.

"And though they were different
They all fared the same
When left out in the snow

"The evil had won, it had conquered
The tribes were without a resort.

"Except to abandon
The land that they lived in
The land they once called home.

"When they all stumbled
Upon a new place
They called it their new home.

"It was safe from the evil,
was free of the taint
Of the deeds the tribes had done.

"But the peace did not last for a moment,
And though the land was not at fault.

"The evil had found it,
Drawn by the hatred
Of the tribes who argued on.

"Now, this time the evil
Was showing no mercy.
Its aim was to finish them off.

"And this the tribes failed
To stop or deter,
As the evil took its tole.

"But there was a great, strange occurrence,
When forced to in each other trust,

"The tribes found a strength
And there was no mistake.
The tribes, together, won.

"Now, you may ask,
How can this be,
When hope seemed at its end?

"How could the ponies
Resist the dark evil
And save their new-made friends

"Well there you go, that is the answer,
A simple idea to some,

"But that is the way
That the evil was slain
In the new land they called their home.

"And as the years passed,
The goodwill and peace
Continued in their home

"And all was just fine,
Harmony ruled with ease,
In the land they called their home.

"But the peace was once again shattered,
And a shadow fell over the land.

"A new darkness arrived
To claim its own prize,
So it stole from us our home.

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