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Answering a writing question and advice for kick-starting your writing! · 11:38pm Jun 10th, 2019


You’re working on a bunch of stories all at once right? Do you ever feel like you’re spread too thin? Or, do you have some kind of system? I kind of want to write myself, so I’m asking.

I don't necessarily feel spread too thin. Though, I do not have a system. I just throw my attention at whichever project I can best "channel". My advice for getting started is figure out what story, could be short, could be long, that you spend the most time thinking about/working through scenes/character dialogue. In other words, whichever story you fantasize/daydream the most about. Get a fairly solid 1st draft down then check with either the writer's group here or the writer's channel on the FimFiction Discord and get at least one person to proof and re-read. Deference being a pre-reader might suggest things. Don't try to fit in every little suggestion, but if a pre-reader has a suggestion that you feel improves the story, roll with it. Just ensure you're overall vision and direction is intact unless you think the idea is wildly better than your own.

While I've all tricked you into looking at my blog, just letting y'all know I accept thanks for writing in the form of alcoholic beverages, but also like to hang out and do wacky stuff for cash so feel free to check out my Patreon if you need some extra strangeness in your life.

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