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do any of you think Kazuma could survive Re:Zero? · 12:18am April 21st

he's smart and crafty and is a decent adventure, but is mainly dragged down by his team's quirks.

and if he had his skills from his world he would be WAY better of then Subaru.

man, I looked up my question online and a LOT of people think Kazuma would never make it past the muggers.
they mainly say this on the grounds that Re:Zero is more dangerous then Kazuma's world

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Comments ( 5 )

Which Kazuma because the Kazuma I first think of is Scryed

From Konosuba he means.

I mean if he gets to 'load' after every death, he'll probably survive longer than Saburu, who is so utterly clueless and upbeat, he gets screwed due to it, well Kazuma has common sense... and a survival instinct.

Though that is why Saburu is there, he is too stupid not to fall into the plans he is needed to fulfill.

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