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A southern brony that loves to read and write. My oc Heat Wave and I are ready to explore this big huge site.

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    Today was my last day of high school. I don't know exactly how to feel at the moment.

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    okay so last week I was given another 10 dollars. This time I thankfully didn't lose it!

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    Hey guys Terry here.

    I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! I have finally gotten to the big 100 followers mark! I would like to thank all 100 bronies that deiced to follow me, I'm so happy that you all did.

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Bat Ponies and Thestrals · 8:30pm February 19th

Ok please answer me this.

Why dose everyone consider Bat Ponies to be Thestrals?

Report Terry the human · 64 views ·
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Comments ( 11 )

Because in mythology, Thestrals are horses with Batlike features, (wings, fangs, eyes, etc).

Ok but I decided to go differently

What do you mean by that?

Very simple, by making Thestrals there own race of pony.

To each their own. But, I prefer the other way. But, like I said, to each their own.

It's fine, but I do like it better this way.

But, they are also skeleton like

True, true. But, a little kids' show wouldn't show that, correct?

Skeleton ponies from Discords game


I'll see myself out.

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