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"Teacher of the Month" short thoughts · 5:14pm Feb 12th, 2019

Hasbro has released a new FIM short: Teacher of the Month. It does touch on the story behind Non-compete clause, going more into why Fluttershy keeps getting picked instead of Applejack and Rainbow Dash getting jealous over it (although they still do).

Sharing it so I can also share a couple of minor thoughts on it.

First is the clean up party. It is a pretty good idea. Take something that is kind of boring and creatures don't like, then try to do something to make it fun. That way it seems less like work. Although, while not out of character of Fluttershy, it does seem more like something Pinkie Pie would do.

This also leads to another thought, which ties back to the series, and an early episode. In Magical Mystery Cure, when the cutie marks were switched, Fluttershy ended up getting Pinkie's, which also meant that she had become The Element of Laughter. At the time it seemed random, but maybe the writers remember it? Maybe CrowMagnon was right in his Waking Night series, and had things gone just a little differently, Fluttershy would have been Laughter instead of Kindness.

It also leads to a question: did Fluttershy go to Pinkie for advice on how to make things more fun for her students, or did she come up with it herself? Maybe remember some things from her time way back when?

The animal thing is completely something I could see her doing.

There is one thing that bothers me: how did a field trip get rained out? I mean, I know that is something that can happen in the real world, but Equestria has controlled weather. But it was the day of the planned trip that it was rained out. Does this mean that ponies are not in fact told ahead of time what the weather will be, as many (myself included) believed? That having all the ponies know ahead of time in Look Before You Sleep was an isolated incident because they had all to help get ready for a storm? Or was this one of those unexpected weather events caused by The Everfree Forest being so close?

The ending of having Fluttershy win again was a little predictable, but still funny.

It was a fun little short, and one that works that way. I don't think they could have expanded it to a full episode, and it adds to the existing canon without any major contradictions.

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16(17) times teacher of the month, one wonders how long the friendship school year is because that's anywhere from 1-1/2 to almost 3 years of education right there.

At this point, there's no point in trying to pin down an official timeline for the MLP FIM timeline. Whatever fits the story happens in each individual episode (or short in this case).

That’s the same thing that went through my mind.

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