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I’m just some dude who loves ponies the same way a lot of people do... Wait, you like them 'how much' now?

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  • 59 weeks

    Alright guys, I'm still alive. Don't y'all worry. I'm juggling fan fictions right now and I'm currently banging my head against my desk right now due to the fact that I thought I could get all these stories finished. I'm an idiot. Anyways, I'm working on a bunch of stories and decided I should go and fix this Lyra and Bon-Bon story I have while working on the next chapter for "The Save File Has

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  • 64 weeks
    Summer ends for me.


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  • 72 weeks
    Summer's here!

    Summer's here, time to cheer!
    No more school cus' it be for fool!
    Time to write fic, because... uhhh, it's sick

    Anyways, yeah, I'll be on a writing spree this summer break from school. Hopefully I'll be able to read a lot of stories and write as well. Hope y'all like the stories I got in store for y'all! :D

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  • 83 weeks
    I'm back!

    Not for long though. I got some mid-terms coming up and it's probably gonna kill me. Don't worry though! Rest assured, I'll continue writing some stuff! I'm probably going to re-write Obsessed with the Beat, add more chapters to Scoota-who, and finally write that gosh darn sequel to Diary of a Pink Mare.

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  • 87 weeks

    I went to rest a bit, but it looks like I feel into the pit of activity. Maybe I should stop doing that. I have a few stories planned, but I just got busy with personal stuff. I'm probably going to go back writing this weekend... Hopefully.

    Anyways, sorry if I just disappeared. I'll be back in no time.

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New Year's Greetings! · 5:12am Dec 30th, 2018

Hope all of you have a great new year! Hope that the series' last season, which is coming out this coming new year, is going to be spectacular!

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