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Please advise; a friend is in danger. · 1:33am Dec 12th, 2018

I called an old friend. Her new boyfriend answered and flipped out and threatened to kill be just because I am a man calling his girlfriend. An angry jealous impulsive man is exactly the sort of person to murder/suicide my friend for illusory infidelity like Othello did to Desdemona. I fear for her safety. Please advise.

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Call 911


I shall read the site.


I have no evidence that this man has done anything illegal, other than threatening me because I have a male voice and called his girlfriend.

I observe and gather evidence.

Have a Male cop call this guy
the Cop would see hear what the A**-hole sais


Unfortunately, I do not know any cops, male or otherwise..

Go to the Poles stashone, or call the 911
and ask for one male cop to call the number

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