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A Man Undercover

I’m an Autistic Conservative Christian who loves to write, act, and be comedic & crazy to help others laugh & smile.

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    What's up, guys? I'm back with another review.

    Today, I'm gonna be reviewing Illumination's "The Grinch".

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    A Sea Creature Art Piece

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    In contrast to others, which have mostly been paintings, this picture was given its colors via colored pencils. It currently hangs on the wall of my Mom’s bathroom.

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6th Favorite Video Made by a Brony or Pegasister · 9:51pm October 30th

Once again, I make my 89th blog post to continue my “Favorite Video Made by a Brony or Pegasister” series.

Today’s video is one where once again, Pinkie Pie takes on a role by late actor and comedian, Robin Williams (whom, in my opinion, is THE GREATEST COMEDIAN EVER!!!). This one, however, is different from the last. The audio comes from a Snickers commercial in which Robin Williams stars as a coach who isn’t acting like himself due to hunger. The entire thing is hilarious in my opinion.

Oh, and spoiler alert, Fluttershy makes a cameo in the role of a cheerleader who isn’t acting like herself because she’s hungry. I’d like to see you guys point out who plays the cheerleader, by the way.


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Comments ( 3 )

Haha! It's been a while since I've seen that video. :rainbowlaugh:

I love the video. And R.I.P to the best genie in Aladdin...Robin Williams!

Hilarious! :rainbowlaugh: Damn, I still miss Williams.

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