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A southern brony that loves to read and write. My oc Heat Wave and I are ready to explore this big huge site.

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Which Doki Doki Literature Club member is your favorite? · 12:29am Oct 10th, 2018

A simple question.

Which girl from the game Doki Doki Literature Club is your favorite?

Sayori, Yuri, Monika, or Natsuki?

Comments ( 20 )

Oh what makes you chose her?

Her love for manga and anime plus her love for cute things.

And that she doesn't have a death, only gets deleted?

Ok so who your least favorite?

Yeah, Sayori is my favorite and Screw Monika.

So what do you think of Sayori and Yuri, middle or not on board because of their deaths?

Sayori reminds me of Pinkie Pie and Yuri reminds of Fluttershy so what's not to love.

Ok, and Sayori's desperation and Yuri's scars are surprising right?

Yeah and I really wanna hug them and not let go.

So if Sayori or Natsuki tell your oc about their depression or self harming. He would hug them and not let go?

And he would actually help them get through their demons?

Yes sir, he's always been that kind of person.

Oh he dose sound like a great and kind hearted that wouldn't let them kill themselves.

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