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"You can change destiny, but you can’t change fate.” Simon sighed... “And you and I are fated to be together, I know it in my heart.”

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My Sweet Princess · 2:40am Oct 3rd, 2018

That’s right... I have a girlfriend... again. She means so much to me. My sweet, beautiful, amazing princess... I’ve known her for a while now, but she just recently created her Fimfiction account. (Her name is Sierra Kieffer, but her middle name is Viola, so that’s how she got her username) Anyway, show my princess some love... but not the same kind of love I give her... lol. If you’re my friend, you should consider being her friend too. I love you all, but I love my princess the most. Seriously, I would do anything for her, even destroy the universe and reconstruct it however she asked me to.

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