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All I can do is draw.... welp, at least I'm partially decent at it.

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  • 65 weeks
    New Commission Page!


    No color: $5-$20

    Flat Color: $10-$30

    Simple Shading: $15-$35

    Soft Shading: $20-$45

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    1 comments · 262 views
  • 101 weeks
    250$ for a check up.

    I'm sad.
    I have an appointment and my dad accidentally drove off to work with my purse.
    I have to have the appointment and they tell me it'll be 92$ without my insurance card but it totals to about 250$. Ugh.
    All that to just check my weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar.
    Oh, and for the doctor to scold me for being trash.
    If I get hurt I prefer to die than deal with the bill.

    2 comments · 146 views
  • 104 weeks
    How to MS Paint

    I'm going to show you all how to turn this

    Into this.

    Using only Ms Paint.

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  • 108 weeks
    MS Painting Commission Info

    This is information over commissions I will be making using the program,Microsoft Paint. If you're interested in my traditional art commissions click Here!


    Uncolored: $7
    Flat Colors: $9
    Shading and Highlights: $11

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    0 comments · 259 views
  • 109 weeks
    Thanks Quillian!

    A big thanks to Quillian Inkheart for encouraging me to start commissioning. He was my first customer! :heart::heart::heart:

    1 comments · 138 views

Oh goodness me · 9:05pm Aug 9th, 2018

I must draw more ponies. Please give me things to doodle. I am so bored.

Also I drank like ten energy drinks and that is not a good idea

Report Mutter_Butter · 198 views · #Requests
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Comments ( 14 )

How about a Colt version of my OC? Lil' Quilly is adora-Quilly.

Oh and I put your image up on my profile with a link to you, just so you know.

ohhh how about a alicorn version of button mash

awwwwwwwwww *instant heart attack*

I seem to be causing a lot of those lately :derpytongue2:

you art is so awesome i wish i could hire you i don't have money dang it

Bro I'll draw for free.

Well, ill sketch for free

oh uh oh my i didn't know

nah i'm fine this is good info though

Can I have a picture with me and Zephyr? As human? I would like us to be holding hands, but I'm pointing at something exciting. Thank you!
(For me in MLP, I have brown hair with light brown highlights, white skin, brown eyes and have a black cross for my cutie make. Also, I'm not full skinny, so a bit.... chubby?)

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