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BronyCon 2018 Roundup · 3:12am Aug 5th, 2018

Well, this one's a bit later than I'd intended it to be, but here's my rambling thoughts about the second-to-last BronyCon

I regret nothing

I have to admit, I kind of have some mixed feelings on the con, there were a lot of issues more on the administrative side that I noticed/was told about, but the energy of the folks attending was right up there with previous years. I had a blast meeting friends old and new: Wanderer D, GaPJaxie, Petrichord, CouchCrusader, bookplayer, Haymaker, GeekBrony, BassBlitzed, Nevermourn, Star_Comet, a whole lot of others who I'm probably forgetting. Didn't attend as many panels as I'd originally planned on, but made up for it by actually rockin' it on the floor at Bronypalooza (No, to my knowledge no video exists, probably due to overload from sheer awesome)

And of course, walked out with a ton of swag!

Yes hyena/pegasus hybrids are now a thing, you hush

Also, as some of you might have noticed, there were guitar picks and an interface in the pile of stuff from this year, and as you probably (maybe) guessed, they are in fact for actual music making!

I am in fact starting to make forays into playing (or trying not to make people's ears bleed) guitar again, which is something I'd not expected to do again, since the last time I even held one was approximately 15 years or more ago :rainbowlaugh:

As far as story stuff goes, am still riding some creative energy from BronyCon, though not sure yet on when the next update will be coming out. Hopefully within the next week or so, just my unit is starting to ramp up stuff again so may be dropping off the radar here and there again.

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Comments ( 2 )
Wanderer D

It was awesome to hang out again! We should really figure out a way to meet up in between cons! I miss you guys already!

Author Interviewer

One of us! :V

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