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Yes this is the same Shadow Storm as on Youtube so check out my channel I hope not to disappoint and im a Milwaukee Wisconsin brony

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  • 100 weeks
    Im live

    I'm live with Watch DogsĀ®: Legion I will be playing with permadeath live at https://t.co/zRQYI1O3nt

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  • 100 weeks

    With cyberpunk delayed, I will be streaming both Little hope and watchdogs legion. I'm hoping to start little hope on Friday/ Saturday and stream it at nights and then once that's done start watchdogs legion. Now I will be streaming watchdogs legion with permadeath which means that if a character I'm playing as in the third watchdogs game dies there gone forever no take-backs do-overs and I made

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    Three years ago

    Three years ago to this day my dog and best friend Rudolph passed away. People say it gets easier and that there alive in the memories you hold. While that is true it still hurts not having him here with me, I still miss him so much

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    So on facebook i seen a new spike ship that being garblespike and i now want to write a fan fiction about it. Would anyone be willing to help me write it? If so please comment saying youd love to or pm me with the subject GarbleSpike

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    Hey guys so I want to apologize about the lack of updates for the story Im trying to come up with more ideas for future chapters including the one after the current chapter so im taking a break to think of some but i cant think of any so it migjt be on hiatus for a bit long thank you for your patience I assure you once more chapters come out it will be awesome. Not to mention im in search of a

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Excited for September · 4:20pm Jul 20th, 2018

Thats right im excited for september. Why? Well in may i decided tontake the $80 i was saving for ciderfest and bought a game with it. I bought the digital deluxe edition of spider man which was $84 and some change. The reason for it being that much is cause I payed for it in full. So what I get is 3 suits unlocked right away, 5 skill points, a spider drone which is a in game gadget, a theme and avitar for my ps4 and psn profile pic and last i get the city that never sleeps which gives you morr missions more villans stuff like that. Spider man comes out sept 7th but one other game im excited for is Spyro The Reignited Trilogy. So I decided not to go to cidsrfest and use the $80 i once again saved up to pree order the game which again i paid full price so i dont have to worry about owing money. Spyro was $42.23 if im remembering correctly. The funny thing is while Im wanting tonlearn about the Spider man game before its released I want to know nothing on spyro as I want to be surprised. The reignited trilogy comes out september 21st. Unless something comes up I will live stream both games. Thank you for reading this blog and have a good day

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Aww nuts, I was going to be at Ciderfest. :applejackunsure:

Theres always next year. Plus it dosent take me long if you wanted to meet me theres alot of parks/ libraries to meet up seeimg as i dont have to fly to whinnysconsion

4905910 there saying its to be a fun game

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