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Regarding writing, if you get distracted easily, then this blog is something you should read. · 10:30pm Jun 18th, 2018

When it comes to writing, I think it's fair to say that every single person who has ever sat themselves down with the plan to become an author, starting with something small and progressing onto a bigger project, has thought to themselves, ''Man, this sure is hard! I can barely concentrate and I can hardly get this chapter finished without being distracted by something or someone!''

This is perfectly normal. It's irritating, sure, but it is indeed a normal and typical thing that all writers go through, no matter what they write, be it poetry, novels or short stories. Well, even I go through this. From what I know about being a writer that is dedicated to their craft, an average working period for a writer can range upwards from a few hours up to maybe eight or more hours, sometimes even stretching to twelve hours per day. For one, I manage to get through an entire chapter within the span of maybe two to three hours, depending on the length I have in my mind. I usually sit at my keyboard and type like a madman for eight hours straight simply so I can get done with what I've got planned. Otherwise, it becomes a disorganised mess.

It's a cliché by this point, but what any writer will say to you is, ''Set a time and work with it.'' While that is true, some people simply can't handle that. Like I've mentioned above, you may set a time to write, but you'll likely become distracted. However, not all people have the same mindset, obviously, so it really does depend on where you're at with your mindset and how focused you are on the task at hand.

To tell the truth, there is a project that I'm working on at the moment, but I don't want to reveal exactly what it is that I have planned. All I will say is that I'm three-quarters of the way to the finishing point. Even then, it's going to take a long, long time to edit, add, extend or delete some scenes. When it gets completed and completely checked over to the point that I am satisfied, then I'll let you all in on the secret.

Anyway, I could go on forever telling you what you could possibly do to remain productive when you're writing, and these all come from personal experiences, so take it from someone that has been there numerous times in the past and likely will return many more in the future!

Music - Quite a number of people will listen to music when they write or do any type of task that they enjoy to block out the world as they get lost in their thoughts. However, being one of those people myself, I will tell you that the better option is to have a long playlist, preferably either instrumentals or soft music, otherwise you're going to end up getting a raging headache within moments of plugging your earphones / headset in. Trust me, if you stream music on a platform such as YouTube, you'll keep going back to it to switch between individual songs that are not a part of a playlist.

Internet - Probably the main cause of distraction that has existed since its creation. Some people may not have the need to surf the web for whatever is in their mind, but the only thing that this is productive for is history and research that applies to the genre of your story or subjects that you include in your story. The best thing you can do is disconnect the internet from your home or simply turn it off when you work. However, to save yourself from constantly re-connecting the internet to research, it's worth it to print out your facts, figures and statistics onto paper so you can always have it handy. Either doing that or using a notebook will work best!

Smartphones - By far the biggest pain known to man. They are a constant part of our lives, nearly everyone owns one, they are addictive, they are annoying. I don't see what all the fuss is about, to be blunt and honest with you! In my case, I never use my phone because I have no need for it. As a matter of fact, I outright hate phones in general. They have basically crumbled the social dynamic between humans since they became a frequent part of our lives! Why is this a distraction? Well, it's obvious, isn't it? People can't learn to put them down and live in the real world! Who cares about finishing that level on Flappy Bird or Angry Birds? Moreover, who can care that much about social media such as Facebook? As long as they are in the same room with you or within your visual range, they are going to more than likely become a major distraction to you within moments. The best option is to lock it away or leave it in another room where it can't bother you.

Hobbies - Sound confusing to see this listed here? Well, I'm afraid that it's true when it comes down to my hobby, which is playing the guitar and writing / playing my own music. I normally have it left out beside me, amplifier and guitar leads all hooked up and ready to go as soon as I flick the power switch, so I will typically be lost in my thoughts when I hit writer's block, whereupon I will eventually stare at my guitar, thinking that just one riff or jamming session couldn't hurt. The next thing that I know, I spend all day playing the guitar like a madman and I lose hours of potential working time. The resolution to this not being a problem? Honestly, I don't think there is one. It depends on what your hobbies are and if you constantly feel the desire to do it when you hit a wall with your writing. The best remedy I can think of is to practice your self-control to resist temptations.

Pets - Yeah, sounds daft, but it is true. I used to write when I owned four fluffy potatoes known as guinea pigs. You can't say no to a face as adorable as a guinea pig's, so the first thing that I did was I'd take take one out of the hutch, normally my pig, Oscar, and I'd have him either curled up between my arms as I write or he'd be lounging around on my back or shoulder as he watches me type. So, the lesson to learn from this is that, if you own an adorable pet, whether or not it may live in the house or bedroom with you, you set aside a time to spend with them that doesn't conflict with your writing time. If you can impasse, that's great, but there is still the risk of having your fluffy critters or companions bothering you when you work. For one, my guinea pig used to think it was funny to see what my hair tasted like over the carrot or banana I gave him. Apparently, I look like food in the eyes of Oscar and the other pigs.

Time - To finish this list off, time is the most obvious factor when it comes to writing because we are a society built on schedules and deadlines, which is important because it keeps us busy and productive. Depending on what you do and what age you're currently at, you may be in various situations that leave you with little-to-no time to write. School, college and university are only some of these factors. Work is pretty much the same thing, and it is also the main factor in this entire conflict. It only leaves you with a few hours to write when you come home, so I made myself a promise that resolved this issue for me.

Rather than working when I should be studying, I decided that it would be better to write extensively when the holidays or half-term come around. We normally get a generous gap of leisure time when it comes to Summer, and that means we get something like two months off before going back to The Learning Dungeon, no matter where it is. You can either do as I do and work with the time you have off or you can write when you have free time, even if it isn't much time. Within the span of an hour, you should really be able to type maybe fifteen-hundred to two-thousand words, depending on how fast you might type.

Anywho, that's some of the major pointers I can give to offer my advice on how to be productive when it comes to writing if you are serious on becoming an author. Learn from my mistakes and bad habits so that you may not pick them up when it comes to your own writing schedules!

I'm sincerely hoping that this helped somewhat, and I shall see thee later!


With love, from England,

- FireRain 💛

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Thanks for the tips - I'll apply them to my own habits to increase my output. :moustache:

Happy to oblige! I'm kinda stuck in a state of writer's block at the moment that has left me unsure of what to do with my project. If you have this situation going on in your own career, as much as people don't see the point in it, to get over writer's block, you simply just have to write to try and push through it. It doesn't matter what the thing you write about is, but it will certainly help out with getting through the state of mind that cuts off your creativity.

#JustDoIt! #WritingTips #FireRain #Writer'sLifeRequiresACatByNaturalObligation

When I get blocked, I realized recently that it has to do with an instinctual grasp on the narrative flow. If you can find out what is the issue that is causing harm to the 'flow', you can correct it - and more importantly, you will make headway in a more efficient way afterwards with a better comprehension of what is happening within the text.

However, it is as you said - it all comes down to pushing forth and keep up the effort to break through the block.

So, how the japanese say... ganbare!!:yay:

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