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Announcements · 11:43pm Jun 17th, 2018

When I issued a writing challenge to myself at the beginning of the month, I only foresaw one life event that would impose on my writing time.

As I have stated before, my writing challenge was to produce 27,000 words this month. For the first week, I was on the fast track to getting most of the way there, I think. I managed to produce just under 6,000 in about eight or nine days. I did write less than I would have liked to for some stories in that time, but even with this second week not panning out as well, I am already way over what I used to do per month, as I've already pointed out in my previous blog, and I consider that a win.

So what has drawn my attention away from writing this week, you may ask? Well, I have been job hunting for a few months now, and this past week, I randomly got a huge influx of managers interested in me. I think I've spoken to somewhere around the order of a dozen or so different people, and I just had to take care of that.

One particular job opportunity I have invested considerable time in is due for an interview soon, and I will be going back to preparing for it as soon as I finish this blog. I am really excited about it because I'd be doing exactly what I was doing for 1.5 times the pay at my old job and there would be room for even more growth. It's in line with my career path in programming and electrical design. I'd be living comfortably, as my financial stress would be next to none, giving me more time to focus on hobbies and my writing career as well.

The only drawback to it is I would have to relocate, and there's no relocation package available. What this means is I'd have to live with a friend in the area for a little while, and so I've been concocting plans on how to best circumnavigate the immediate costs with relocation. Very likely we will meet with a professional at some point and draw up some documents so we can rent our current house out and pull in a bit of money that way. I'd hate to sell my current house, as I do like the location and its interior design. Of course, this is all in the future, but it's been on my mind due to this event.

The other event that will also pull me away from writing for a little bit is the vacation my husband and I have planned. We're going up to visit a special person I met on this very site over the weekend, and then we will proceed to my husband's old home to visit his family. I haven't been up there in over seven years, so I am due for a visit with them.

Of course, this means that I'm having to work around all my interviews and such at the same time as preparing for the trip, and it's taken a slight toll on me. I'm really excited to meet this special friend of mine, and from what he's been telling me, he's really excited to meet my husband and I too. :pinkiehappy:

Anyways, that's what I've been up to this last week. The vacation will start this Thursday and it will last approximately two weeks, and, at the end of it, I will hopefully start a new job, with any luck. :raritystarry:

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good luck :D

Need goes before want. It's the way of things. You don't need to feel ashamed for not keeping up to speed if life gets in the way of it - if you need to take a break, take a break, and if it can't be avoided, so be it.

I'm glad to hear you're moving up in the world, though, and here's to hoping your vacation doesn't wind up like a bad family road trip comedy.


That's why I mentioned it on here as sort if statement. There was simply no avoiding it this time. However, I do know that I will end up having some down time during the trip to write. It may not be every night, but I may still pass last month's benchmark of 9k words.

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