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Perpetually anxious bi-winning insomniac sedated by benzodiazepines.

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  • 202 weeks
    Absinthe Part II


    2 glasses of absinthe is like taking 5 shots if you drink it too quickly...

    I have to go to work tomorrow. I'm not prepared for the imminent cottonmouth.

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  • 204 weeks

    For better or for worse, this may turn out interesting...

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  • 214 weeks

    I've had a half a bottle of [brand] 80 proof vodka and I'm nowhere near drunk.

    I think I may have developed a problem and need to make a life change.

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  • 239 weeks
    A rant due to the FDA

    Vape is to tobacco in the same way major energy drinks are to coffee...

    Most eliquids do derive their source of nicotine from tobacco, THEREFORE they must be tobacco products.

    Many caffeinated beverages derive their source of caffeine from coffee when the beans are decaffeinated, THEREFORE they must be coffee products.

    See the problem?

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  • 239 weeks
    Big Baby Beast

    As the title strongly implies, I recently started vaping (again, after trying nicotine patches, gum, and wellbutrin) to stay off the cigarettes. As the title also strongly implies, I recently got myself SMOK's BBB tank.

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Absinthe · 7:38pm Jun 17th, 2018

For better or for worse, this may turn out interesting...

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