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I finally did a thing. · 11:44pm May 24th, 2018

Got the game in April and I finally finished this darn alolan pokedex.

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Comments ( 7 )

Good job! Now the next challenge is to complete the National Dex (if that's in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, and if that's what your playing).

Unfortunately no. it's normal moon.

Need to save up for that.

4868812 I'll tell you this. You're not really missing out on anything. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon feel more like minor mods or ROM-hacks of Sun and Moon than a new entry in the series, do to what little was changed. So far in my playthrough of Ultra Sun (and I'm at Ula'ula Island), everything storywise has been identical. I have yet to finish it or Ultra Moon due to pure lack of interest in the nearly identical story. The excitement and wonder at getting to experience something new just isn't there. First Sega and now Game Freak.


I mean, I've seen negativity thrown at Ultra sun and moon and my reaction is "Well, the story can't be THAT bad." but a mirror story? Gosh that's lazy. And pitifully boring. I thought it would be more along of the lines of a semi-same story, with the same people and all that, but a nearly identical one? Well, that just knocked my hope down a few notches. If I wanted the same story, I'd just play this again except do a nuzlocke. I mean, Black and White 2 did many things different, and yet...

Thanks for telling me this. Now I'm gonna re-consider. Probably pick the game up in the more distant future, since it'll take me awhile to forget the story of sun and moon.

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