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A 32-year old gay trans girl. Got back into the show thanks to a friend and bingewatching. I've got quite a few things planned...

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    Status Update 4/17/2019

    Hey all! I just wanted to let everyone know that I got the help I needed, and have finished editing the new chapter of Sunset in Ponyville. Expect to see it published sometime tomorrow morning, barring any problems on my end.

    I hope you all look forward to it! :twilightsmile:

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  • 132 weeks
    Status Update 4/6/2019 - Looking for Editor

    So. The editor I previously had for Sunset in Ponyville is no longer able to perform her duties. I bear no ill will towards her for it, these things happen, but it does mean I need to find a new one as I don't want to post new chapters without anyone else looking them over first.

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  • 133 weeks
    Status Update 3/26/2019


    I'm back! I have a new computer now! It's still gonna take a couple days for me to get back to writing and editing, but I'm back! :pinkiehappy:

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  • 135 weeks
    Status Update 3/14/2019

    Hi everyone! It sure has been a while. I wish I had entirely good news for you today, but sadly that isn't the case.

    First, though, I do want to say that I did finish the chapter of Sunset that I was working on, and sent the one before it off to my editor.

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    Status Update 1/25/2019

    Well folks, I'm happy to announce that as of last night I finally got chapter 18 of Synchrony sent of to the story's editor, and that tonight I started work on chapter 13 of Sunset in Ponyville! It's still just in the planning stages at the moment, but I've got a clear idea for the chapter so I should be able to start writing it in the next few days. I expect the going to be slow,

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Status Update 5/3/2018 · 4:33am May 4th, 2018

So! I updated Sunset in Ponyville today, so check that out if you haven't already. Got a few new followers too, which is always great. To those of you not yet in the know, since the start of April I've been doing nightly status update blogs regarding my writing progress and any thought regarding it I may be having. I started doing this basically as a way to hold myself accountable in some fashion to actually keep writing at a fairly reasonable pace. my current goal is to hit 31k words by the end of the month, which means about a thousand words per day!

Recently I've been working on chapter 13 of Synchrony, my other current in-progress story - check it out if you haven't! I know it's a lot more intimidating to get in to than Sunset in Ponyville, but I think it's worth it. Those who have read it have liked it.

Anyway. I got 1,044 words done today - not my best, of course, but still above my daily target. More importantly, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish it tomorrow, or perhaps the day after if the final big scene runs long. Either way, it won't be long before I start writing chapter 7 of Sunset! :pinkiehappy:

Current total for the month is 3,232. Neat! That's all for tonight, so I'll see you all tomorrow.

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Being above the needed pace is always good, even if only a few words. All those extra words add up over time and can save you a needed few hundred near the end.

So I have been wondering something for a while now... when this story catches up to the current timeline of Time Goes on, will this story continue on from its ending?

Just curious is all!

Yup! The current plan is for the 'First Impressions' arc to cover everything up to where Time Goes On ended. Then there'll be an adaptation of that ending (and some new content for Time Goes On as well), and Sunset in Ponyville will continue on with the rest of the year.

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