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Oh my dear Celestia what has this fandom become · 8:45pm Mar 19th, 2018

Warning before you read this and there will be no punctuation so if you can't handle it don't read it.

I want to make one thing clear I don't regret being a brony I'm in fact very proud to be a brony however and I am in no way leaving the Brony fandom however as I look on the fandom today I cannot but help think how much it is change from when it first started now don't get me wrong there have been some good changes but they are have also been some negative ones when did it become more important. To nitpick the little things about episodes instead of just enjoying them? when did it become more important to fight among each other than talk laugh and enjoy talking about ponies? When did the so-called opinions of reviewers become more important than just a normal everyday fan? When did it become more about us forcing are ideals and belief and interpretations about episodes and the ponies themselves then just letting them be there animated sells? I'm can't say for certain when it did I wish I could but I can't I hate all the infighting I hate all the drama and most importantly I hate how the fandom itself has become so entitled I don't know how many of you were actually going to read this I don't know how many of you are going to just say oh look at that idiot he's just being so dramatic and that's fine but I love this fandom and I don't want it to implode but that's where it seems as heading eventually something's going to happen I don't know what it is or what it's going to be but it's going to damage the fandom Beyond and some people call me an alarmist but I'm just being realistic the most recent controversy notwithstanding I'm not going to name names because I don't have to I don't want we Bronies don't already have the best reputation we don't deserve that stigma but it's true but someday something's going to happen it's going to catch the mainstream media's attention and when that day happens shit is going to hit the fan. There's no way Hasbro isn't going to crack down hard and and when that happens it's not going to be pretty there will be tears but I don't know what the fandom will be able to survive it at least not in the form it is right now well I've said my peace I don't know how many of you were just going to skip over this and now even read it I guess I'll see you after I post it

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I’ll have to agree a little bit there. Plus, everyone has their own opinions and we can’t really change it.

I'm not part of your fandom and this is the stuff I keep pointing out and get treated like pure crap.

I'm sorry people are treating you like crap for speaking the truth


Heh I'm used to it but I tend to ignore the bad things of your fandom. I'm a trekkie and with how Trekkies are its kind of the best thing to ignore the bad things.

4820474 it's not bad for people that have other but that's not the point I just thought it was time for me to post my feelings on what I think of the fandom right now and where unfortunately we might be heading

well I'm at trekkie myself so I can understand that sentiment


Heh cool. Also since you know that the pedo thing that has been going on with the brony fandom. I noticed that when Trekkies have that issue they just ignore it and say not worth our time.

I'm going to be honest I didn't want to believe there could be a pedophile problem in the brony fandom but I always afraid there could be when the whole Toon thing became public knowledge my greatest fears were confirmed and I agree with the trekkie thing


Well it would have been blown over by now but some people just want to keep going after Toons friend's. Sad really. Best to just leave them alone and understand you can't do anything just let the law do it.

very true but some people just won't listen to common sense


Of course they won't. Some don't understand common sense. Like yeah Dr wolf recorded their DND way before all this happen. So the people going after Doc and his friend's. for have toon in those still.

Thought this fandom was suppose to fun...guess not..

I'm not saying it can't be fun that's why I posted this I find it more fun just to watch the episode about the ponies and try to nitpick it

I know and that's the problem they shouldn't go after his friend's for his sins

As far as the future goes, I’m pretty sure we’ll be fine. I mean, you might call me an optimist (and I am), but that’s just how I personally feel. I mean, shit always happens in the world, doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything though. I’m certain what ever problem we face in the future, we’ll persevere - we always do.

Also, what major issue has happened recently? Cuz I wasn’t made aware of it.

the Toonkritic thing

When did it all go wrong? When it became acceptable to be a brony.

Why did it all go wrong? Because people didn't have to hold back from talking, trolling, or hating in depth openly, because often, if they went into detail about why it's for "little girls" people could figure out that they were bronies too.
Because, back before it was acceptable to be a brony, most if not all the people making money of my little pony where working for Hasbro, now there authors, artists and sometimes even musicians that do mlp comissions mostly to make money, instead of just doing it for free out of love for the show and the fandom.

Not to mention the clop.

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