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  • 131 weeks

    So it's been a while, huh?
    A lot has happened.
    I moved, got a job, lost my turtle, lost my laptop, lost my job, got a new laptop, and finally got a new job.

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  • 146 weeks
    The last night

    This is the last night I'll ever spend in this house. It's been a good night. DJ brought home a whole slew of leftovers from work, so we ended up having sloppy joes, and for the first time I several years, I had a glass of milk. I'm horribly lactose intolerant, and so I'll sure be regretting that in the morning!
    Ah but it was worth it!

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  • 146 weeks
    And another one

    Another day passes.
    My phone got turned off today. I'm out of food. It's cold here.
    It was a good day. I'm moving on Monday (egads that's close!) and I'm nervoucited to the max here.

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  • 146 weeks
    I'm still alive!

    I've been busy these past... what, two or three days?
    Packing, working on things around the house, hanging out with people that I'll likely not see for at least a year or more.
    But overall, been having a good time.

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  • 147 weeks
    Day four

    Went fishing today with the neighbors chick, Suzanne. She's the man in the relationship, and a totally cool person to hang out with.
    As always, we didn't catch anything. The waters here, coupled with our bait, really aren't great for catching anything, but have a good time. It's very peaceful and very relaxing.

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Howdy · 3:28am Mar 19th, 2018

So it's been a while, huh?
A lot has happened.
I moved, got a job, lost my turtle, lost my laptop, lost my job, got a new laptop, and finally got a new job.
So from the top: I moved! The transition hasn't been easy, but its been going, and even though its been... what, four months now? I still don't have a room or hardly any space in this house that I can call my own. My belongings are, for the most part, still in the garage, or in the attic. I unpacked my XBox, my copy of Fallout Equestria, and a few other small things. But for the most part, my life is still in a box.
And I'm not too sure that I really mind it. I mean, yes it'd be nice to have my stuff back, but really, if I've gotten by this long without it, then do I really need it? Eh, who knows.
The neighborhood I left went from bad to worse. A bunch of new gangs moved in, and both DJ and Suzanne lost their cars, although not due to the neighborhood. Several of my old neighbors did move away though, after the guy who lived across the street's car was stolen and crashed into a pole twenty feet away. Drugs, shootings, it just gets worse.
I hope DJ, Suzanne, Renee and all the others are okay.
On that note, Lana, my turtle, is gone. Not sure if she's gone gone, but I put her in the backyard for a day or two while I got her new pool set up (she was going to have a massive, muddy kiddie pool to live and love in) and I haven't seen her in almost three months. I really, really miss her. She was one of the few people in my life who actually depended on me, and it felt good to be a caregiver.
Got a job as a computer tech, and I absolutely loved it! I was popular, in high demand, brilliant and respected, and best of all, it was fun!
Then the CEO got back to town. I'm sure he knows how to run a business (or maybe he doesn't, since that place is now closed) but he started changing everything up, shifting the amazing dynamic we had made out in the two months I was there. Then almost two weeks ago now, he calls me up ten minutes after closing, cusses me out for 45 minutes, tells me to quit because I have no future, blah blah blah... so I quit.
Now I'm putting out ads for computer repair from the attic here, at better prices than he can offer, and he decided to close his store... so f*&k him, I guess. I dunno. I really liked that job, why did he have to be such a douche!
I accidentally blew up my laptop. Ran a game too intense for its little 8-year-old CPU and the poor baby died five minutes in... bye PotatOS
Bought a new one, the one I'm now typing on. Its really good for some things, like this. Not great for 3D rendering, which is what I want to get back into. Oh well.
Got a new job as a mall cop. It seems like a good job, and I'll start hopefully tomorrow.
Damn, writing on here depresses me. I think that's why I haven't been for the last four months. Because it would force me to take a look at my life for what it is.
And I'm not sure I want to.
Good night.

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