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RIP Stephen Hawking · 12:56am Mar 15th, 2018

Perhaps one of greatest people to ever live, Stephen Hawking has passed away at the age of 76.

I literally woke up in the middle of the night to my phone buzzing away on my nightstand. I opened it up to see the headlines, and to be honest, I cried. While one of those amazing people I knew I would never be able to meet, he was still one of my heros. This hit me probably more than it should have. But I feel as though I need to write some sort of eulogy somewhere, so I might as well do it here.

Humanity has lost one of its finest today. He was a hero of mine not only because of his brilliance, but because of his determination. Having been crippled with a debilitating disease for most of his life, he never once gave up. He kept humor throughout his life and work, and somehow let his humanity shine though in that signature monotone robotic voice. He was able to bring he intricate and advanced concepts of science to the mainstream world, with his many publishings and various appearances in pop culture. He became an icon of science and intelligence in society.

Stephen Hawking, may you rest in peace. Welcome to the cosmos.

Brohoof /)

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