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Dawn Darkness

Part-time writer, and part-time gamer. Star Wars, Bakugan, Pokémon and MLP fan. I hope we can become great friends!

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  • Sunday
    Estimating Word Count for Dragon Kingdom...

    248K words is what I’ll have in my big debut novel. I know it may sound crazy for a new author, but hey, who can blame me?

    I am 4K words into the first novel. That would be 244K words left before its draft is done and ready for editing.

    I hope to finish the draft before the end of summer.

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  • Saturday
    Primarily Focusing on Dragon Kingdom

    I am focusing most of my time on my novel, Dragon Kingdom--a novel that is in the style with that of Kingdom Hearts, but with more worlds in each novel--and have just getting started on it.

    If any of you guys are interested in the progress of my novel, those who are my friends on the site, you can find me on Twitter under my real life name (I'm not gonna say it, though. Only in a PM).

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  • Saturday
    The Continuation of “A Friendship’s Journey”

    Okay. Having gotten break of fan fiction in a two month period, I am suffice to say, that my first person POV story is back in the game.

    I’ll take it a bit more seriously with its writing, along with another story of mine while I write my “Dragon Kingdom” novel series.

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  • 19 weeks
    I’ll Write a Few Books of my Anime Concept

    As it says, I’m going to write a couple of books detailing about the main character’s survival in an unknown world once he set foot outside from his village to beyond.

    I’ll have a few ninjas in the series as well, along with an original name for the magic that is within it. I’m going to have to watch a few animes before writing begins on the first book, though.

    Any recommends to me?

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  • 19 weeks
    Titles to my Anime?

    Has any of you gotten any titles that I could use for my original anime series? I’m not at that point yet, I know, but just to be sure of the title in the production state of the first episode.

    It’s about a fourteen year old aging boy who is thrust into a world of magic and dragons after setting his foot outside beyond his village.

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Upcoming Project · 6:45pm Mar 6th, 2018

Everyone, some news, I guess. I’ll be working on an animated version of my VKMK movie retelling of Legend of Everfree soon.

It’ll be in the “dark fantasy” genre, as there’ll be a few gruesome moments in the film. However, the moments will be a tiny bit lighter than how it is going to be in the final version, but still going to be an dark film.

I can tell you how long it is going to be and what my volunteers are to be. There’ll be voice acting, and it’ll be approximately three to four hours long, because of the story, plot and action in it.

Is it to your liking? When it’s done, why not give it a watch when finished?

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