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22 year old girl from Germany. POTS warrior. TwiDash shipper.

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    Pretty sure most of my followers have noticed by now that I'm almost never here anymore. I've been thinking about revoking all my stories, cause... I don't know, it just feels weird having something out in the open and never checking to see if anyone steals it or something. Maybe I'm just weird. I had already revoked a few the last time I was here, a few months ago.

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Status Update · 8:34pm Feb 13th, 2018

Hey everyone!
I am writing from my new tiny laptop, a tablet pc with keyboard. Why did I get a fourth laptop? Because today in a week I am having surgery! We leave on Sunday because the Hospital is two hours away from where I live. Monday morning I am inpatient for some last tests and Tuesday I finally have the surgery I would have needed years ago, to save me a lot of problems and pain.

I also learned that I´ve had anemia my whole life and no doc ever bothered to tell me. A lot of things make sense now, though. I figured it out after an infection last year where I had to take antibiotics and that messed up my pill (I often faint during my menstrual bleedings so I had to take it for medical reasons, you perverts) and I was almost constantly bleeding for months. It had me wondering then. Years ago, when I first noticed the health problems with the bleedings and told my doc, he dismissed it, saying that it wouldn´t affect my blood supply.
So much for that statement. Oh well..

I´ll see when I can focus on (FINALLY) continuing the story. I feel really bad for letting you guys down, after all the support you were giving!!!! So as a tiny apology, I´ll tell you a few of the ideas for the next chapters:
- Sunset and Dash become closer and fall in love with each other
- Applejack might get a chapter
- Probably more than one chapter of flashbacks
- the football team fighting for Dash to get her position back (because their new leader sucks?)

If you guys got some ideas, feel free to write them in the comments on here or on the story!

And again, sorry for the long wait, love you guys!!!!

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Take your time recovering!!
I hope you feel better soon, sucks about the anemia...At least you know what it is now!!
*internet hug*

Thank you!! *hugs back*

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