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*Spoilers* Sad News Reagarding the Show *Spoilers* · 5:30am Dec 17th, 2017

There was another massive leak from DHX and Hasbro today...

It looks like Season 9 will be the last season of Friendship is Magic.

I suppose we should be happy we had this long of run, happy that we got to fall in love with so many great characters in an amazing setting. We should be happy for the people we met and the friends we gained. I guess I should be thankful, but it still hurts to know that the end is coming.

I hope they end the series in a satisfactory and respectful way. Nothing would sadden me more than seeing the Equestria we have come to cherish these last seven years blown away and replaced for the sake of continuity into the next generation.

At least we have a couple more years together. Maybe I will finish another story or two before then.

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Are you sure? Where is the evidence?


The leaks came from the same guy who leaked all of the season 7 episodes and the movie. Don't dig too deeply as it wasn't just the future plans of the series that got leaked - there are entire season 8 episodes already out.

... Where can I get the season 8 episodes? >_>

That you will have to find for yourself. :derpytongue2:

From what little I got about what is coming for Generation 5 I am willing to give it a chance. It will definitely be 'different' but if they really are going to market it to teens and young adults it really opens up a lot of possibilities.

How they end FiM will determine if I watch it or not.

I see blowing up the world and shattering reality. So generation 5 is technically then a continuation, but we just blew up reality and put it together again so nothing is the same.

This show really helps with my depression..

That's what I am afraid of.

I can see the final scene now. Reality is about to end and Twilight makes one last desperate attempt to save something. Big bang and flash, and we see Gen 5 Earth Pony Twilight waking up thinking she just had the weirdest dream, pan out to see a world that definitely isn't Equestria as we knew it.

Wait a minute...


I don't even think they have a show bible yet for Gen 5 so I wouldn't worry about it yet. There also isn't a Rainbow Dash there either and they would be insane not to bring back their most popular character.

Well, they could try making more of a clean break. It is a chance to bring some different characters to the forefront. Plus these aren't going to be the exact same mane 6 after the reboot. The fact they are considering an Earth Pony Twilight and a Unicorn Fluttershy shows this is going to be very different versions.

Rainbow Dash didn't become popular until gen 4. Go look at the atrocity that was gen 3 Rainbow Dash--"Rainbows, Darling."

Actually I should mock, the Rainbow in my current story is a hybrid of gen 3 and 4.

The whole swap the races of the mane 6, make AJ a bad character/villain and ditch the accent seems to be tossing ideas around not actually set in stone stuff. G5 wont be a thing for a year or so still (since while it could start in 2020-21 it will have to start sooner obviously so 2018-19). We will have to see what they do for the end.

Watched one leaked episode on youtube. Its the Celestia one. The start was adorable.

And read the synopsis for S8, all the while telling myself "i shouldn't read this..." but i did. Well the synopsis isnt that much of a real spoiler since the most awesome synopsis could still make for the worst episode.

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