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Will I ever fully come back? Maybe. Not right now though. We vibing though. PM if ya want? Might take a bit to reply. [they/them/xey/xem]

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  • 56 weeks
    kinda follow up (katie love i'm so sorry i'm not in bed yet-) to last blog

    i've spent literal hours looking for the drama in my blog posts and looking at it and reading it?

    oh i was definitely jealous but not in the way they thought i was dndsjk
    babey gay didn't realize they were crushing hard on their best friend

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  • 56 weeks
    you ever miss old friends

    even ones you're not friends w anymore?

    hate that feeling

    there's also another friend but like
    idek if we're still actually friends we barely talk and i was going through her old blog posts and found our old drama and that shit hurted
    and it kinda
    makes me wonder whether we were friends again in the first place

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  • 59 weeks

    i was supposed to come back for nigh 24 hours for my birthday lmao

    And Then I Didn't Do That

    happy pride month tho

    i can't believe i got so bored i remembered i was supposed to be on over a month ago jkskjdasj

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  • 70 weeks
    what the fuck it's my fimversary

    why is that even still in my calendar

    feel free to leave questions ig? i'm likely gonna be super bored later [unless some stuff happens idk] so i'll prob pop on again and answer them [i'd also be down to just like, conversing or smth]

    also like
    what are we feeling for what to do while i'm here all day in May? i have no plans it some times it feels like it's coming fast haha

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  • 72 weeks

    hi i check in every few days but i don't really
    do much
    came on today to find
    a new follower! wack how did that happen i don't do anything

    but i've gotten into the habit of looking at people's blogs on tumblr that follow me there so i can block them if i need to so when i used that habit here i found

    them comforting a homophobe!
    mmmmmmmm don't like that

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what's your ideal date? · 4:12pm Dec 15th, 2017

mine's under a willow by a body of water
at night
the moon reflecting off the water
and eating,,,, uuuuhmm,,,,,, pizza i guess lol

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I'll settle for just the pizza anywhere. And no date. Just me and pizza.

pizza is pretty good yo

No kidding! And a date would steal some from me. :twilightangry2:

what if
u each got ur own pizza
with all ur fav toppings

Well, maybe. i just like pineapple though. (I know, kill me internet, urgh. :facehoof:)

i like pineapple on pizza too, but it's not a fave (and tbh would taste weird with other faves)

:pinkiegasp: Thank goodness. :raritycry: True story, everyone I meet irl be like "just pineapple on pizza? That's weird." *we all go get pizza. Everyone tries mine, loves it and eats the whole thing* :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2: :raritydespair: :raritycry:

For realsies though, my ideal date would probably be going to a rocky, blustery, foggy coast and walking on the beach watching the waves crash. Then either go to my favourite restaurant (no pizza sadly) if it's the beach where I live, or if not then have the wind and fog go down when it gets dark, then light a fire and eat pizza then snuggle watching the stars.

(And yeah I realise that I have no control over the weather. :rainbowlaugh: :twilightsheepish:)

Even if you don't have control over the weather, that still sounds like a lovely date :rainbowkiss:

One that doesn't end in tears.

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