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Thoughts on the MLP movie · 9:36am Nov 18th, 2017

Movie starts- "isn't this We Got the Beat by the Go-Go's" Oh wait it is but not and changed words like okay. That's fine.

The faces really take some getting used to, since the show has gradually started to use more expressive faces and every pony now looks extra squishy or something. Maybe its the animation program but it looks both really weird but like good? Must be the 3d effects which aren't bad but since the show barely uses such heavy CG- barring the times the timberwolves appeared unless I forget a few other times- its something that makes it look like a movie and for what this is, this is a far better MLP movie in the first four minutes than the 80's version. Even if I absolutely love the movie then its super eighties but seaponies. Seaponies are good. This movie will have seaponies so it will probably also be good.

I guess I might have been away from the show for a while cause the other Princesses' voices sound off, that or for once Luna is kind of talking normal and I guess they haven't been used much so when they pop up it sounds weird to me. Stupid heavy focus on Twilight, it makes me confused when the cooler Princesses are in the movie.

Also Luna knowing of Songbird Serenade- I guess being Princess of the Night has its perks since I don't know I could see her in a nightclub or something. Luna's weirdly chill in this first appearance- I guess seeing her before bad stuff happens and her working through of her hangups and PTSD the show did makes her at least more approachable than the beginning of the show where she spoke in archaic language and yelled most of her dialogue. That or Celestia has been telling her to tone down the Canterlot voice.

Yet again the facial animation is on point and everything looks good.

She is the main event wow such a pun. Well dang it somehow my interpretation of Twilight being a completely nervous pony that overthinks everything and is terrible at humor is like accurate? Good job Twilight, your marker board of raising the sun and moon perfectly has confused every Princess there. Twilight has some good lines in the first five minutes so far its good.

Well Pinkie doing balloon Discord and failing was funny, and Fluttershy having her choir of birds that she last used in like Season 1? Pretty early on in the series? Well that's nice. And Fluttershy being kind of sarcastic about Pinkie running through her bird choir even if just a line was kind of nice. It's like these ponies have friendships and little sarcastic jokes every once in a while. But I might be worried that like some of the other movies in the series like Equestria Girls 1 at least this could over focus on Twilight and leave some others of the Mane Six be less used. Understandable, but its six minutes in and we are finally introducing Twilight's other friends.

I do have to say though, for a major motion picture like this was released in theaters its nice to see a brightly colored cartoon world that is a mix between 2D and 3D pretty well done and also the main cast of the show has very important roles in it and it isn't just focusing heavily on the guest stars or that they got replaced cause they were not big name voices or famous celebrities though I guess if they did that it would sound completely terrible and wrong.

And yes Rainbow Dash continuing to be an alcoholic continues to be kind of funny since Applejack asks if anybody wants some Cider and RD takes her up on that offer in like two seconds. Also Rarity and Dash are still great when they interact. Also Rairty apologizing to Applejack after she slips up and says that Dash was raised in a barn? Impressive that I kind of guessed that happened every once in while with those two. Applejack then realizes that yes she was raised in an actual barn. This has good humor. And then there's Pinkie. She's great.

And its nice to see that Rarity does work with both Sassy and Coco. I guessed on that. Thanks movie. Also a good first original song. And the callbacks to different episodes with who the Mane Six are working with setting up this whole event? A plus, makes me feel like I got something out of this.

And Sia as Songbird Serenade? Nice. I thought it would be distracting but actually having a pop star voice a pop star pony is a nice touch and I at least like her music so I know she can sing when she will have to. The show has music all the time.

12:48, the minute count when actual bad bad stuff starts happening. Also blaming Rainbow for the most ominous and evil cloud in the show? Yeah that's not a storm cloud, its too cool and edgy.

This is a great way to introduce the villains.The Storm King looks like a guy out of World of Warcraft. Even if he's only on his poster right now. And Emily Blunt as the awesome Commander Tempest its nice. So good, so good. She's intimidating and confident against four Princesses. And she has more evil henchmen that look like World of Warcraft enemies. And in thirty seconds if that she incapacitated the Princesses- both the most cool scene so far and kind of expected cause if you introduce a new villain you kind of need to show how intimidating they are so in MLP that usually means the Princesses go down super easy. Expected completely but very pretty nonetheless.

This makes me wonder how nice the Changeling episodes would have looked with this animation cause it reminds me of that tone.

The Queen of the Hippos and a Hungry, Hungry, Hippos reference? I guess that works I know what they are since I know some plot.

Holy crap its a pensieve phone, what is this Harry Potter tech and a cell phone like idea in my ponies? Good idea. That's kind of smart, potions would be good conductors of both magic and electricity, I guess.

The Storm King as like a car salesman voice is kind of funny. Incompetent sounding yet having a intense army? He reminds me of Discord in a way. Tempest is growing on me here. For being a pretty much disabled unicorn with her horn problem? And yet being a badass evil pony right now? Kind of cool. She reminds me in her anger as Kylo Ren with the crackling magic effects here.

The look of the Mane Sic when they are in the desert reminds me that yeah they really haven't been in deserts outside of Appleloosa.

Yeah looks like a thief hideout of course you won't blend in since everyone seems to be non equine. And not pastel.

The animation they went with these weird things in the town remind me of some holdover animation from the 80s retooled here- the 80s shows had some weird monster designs. Is this a weird obsessive brony reference since one of the monster people wanted all of them for her collection? The world may never know.

Pastelis Coloritis, the Inflammation of Pastel Colors what is this School of Rock with Stickittodamanitis?

I like Capper here, he reminds me of early Han Solo with the quick thinking rogue guy here. Also Rarity x Rainbow x Capper fics when they just said he was both awesome and charming. I'm kidding but that seems to happen. Or he's a mix between Aladdin and the Cheshire Cat in this decent song he's got. Cat people are a thing now. Well I guess they might have appeared in like other comics before but is this a reference to Generation One antagonist cat witch Katrina? I want to think so. It was a decent episode for G1.

Tempest still stealing the show here. All her scenes are great.

A naked mole rat looking loan shark and a Here's Johnny reference? This movie keeps giving in weird and unforeseen ways.

Fluttershy hiding underneath a lamp shade. That's cute.

Also Twilight saved Pinkie from death. Hmm, its like the show is shipping them for us. Also I guess Applejack is scared of heights that kind of makes sense both that they were walking on a dangerous rope above a super long drop and that she's an earth pony. Also the reaction that Applejack has to the words 'tie them up" is kind of hilarious.

The faces continue to be meme gold here with Twilight's reactions.

The Storm King logo keeps reminding me of Star Craft and Star Craft 2.

Wait so why did the bird pirates switch sides was it because they were on lunch break and got friendshipped because of plot reasons? Eh, parrot pirates and all that, this isn't that bad and I guess it is a hour and a half or so movie. But I guess having Rainbow Dash deliver an impassioned speech works like it fits her character and I'd do something similar if I wanted to do it.

Rainbow Dash singing. Rainbow Dash singing. This makes up for it. And her song is of course about being awesome. I don't know what I expected but this works. I joke that Twilight is the Princess of Friendship but in this case Rainbow Dash is an anime character talking about friendship so much more powerful in this case. I mean in four minutes and a song Rainbow Dash turned these guys from downtrodden delivery birds to pirates again. What is this? One Piece?

I actually forgot Spike got on the ship too. Man show I forget how weirdly you sideline Spike. At least so far his characterization is consistent for once.

Ship design in this is good stuff. Celeano's ship is cool, Tempest's ship is rad. Good times all around and kind of steampunk with how each has mechanical floating airships. That's a good aethetic for non pony or iron type hull ships. Equestria focuses more on the Hindenburg balloon design, these things look like ironclad warships in comparison.

Oh of course the Rainboom is a homing beacon for bad dudes. Surprised that really hasn't come up before in the show, its kind of gaudy and completely unique to Rainbow so far as we know its like painting a target on yourself and waiting.


Okay maybe not but it was at least amazing to see a giant harpoon attach itself to another ship. Now that makes sense for airship battles, I mean it is in the air and control of movement like that is key, especially for boarding enemy ships.

This Rarity is fun. And of course she'd pause screaming to look at herself in a mirror, she's kind of a narcissist.

Wait, what? Twilight actually did something creative and smart like McGyvering a balloon? What is this pony and what has she done with my general idea that Twilight sucks at snap decisions. Does this mean you have to throw her to her death or actually challenge her to do something heroic, what is this character development and an extension of her show portrayal of being both a creative inventor and a genius? I thought she was stuck in being the Princess of Friendship and having panic attacks all the time because of how she didn't feel up to the task. Seriously this is actually a good moment. Also seeing her release the tension by actually having a moment of actually celebrating her idea worked is better than the Twilight Ex Machina that sometimes happens with her being so powerful. This moment forced her to think quick on her feet and also put her knowledge into practice.

This movie is surprisingly dark and well done, like that's good. Kids sometimes need that.

Ruins and all this atmosphere is nice stuff.

And now they are getting flushed down a fantasy toilet. Well epic adventures are nice and feel like a movie, too bad Rarity hates them. Else we'd be adventuring all over the place and fighting awesome monsters and whatever else.

What is this chance of drowning in my MLP movie like what are these stakes being thrown?


Princess Skystar is Aquaman. She wants to help the world above and Atlantis is like nah that's a terrible idea.

I usually hate Kristen Chenoweth in stuff cause she's too animated in live action stuff for my taste but she can sing and act good, just not my taste. Here she works.

Also I guess Uzo Aduba's been getting some voice acting work what with her being both Bismuth in Steven Universe and Queen Novo here. This is a good scene it really works, though the 3d looked a bit much at a few points for my taste but at this point its a nitpick.

Good dynamic here- the manic pixie dream girl hyperactive seapony Skystar and the straight man sarcastic pony of Queen Novo works for slight comedy. She's Pinkie Pie but a fish.

The pearl is out the oyster is a great expression for 'cat is out of the bag' for ponies that live far away from both literal cats and literal bags.

I love Tempest for story possibilities, Skystar is just highly likable and fun and has comedic possibilities. Also the slight differences the Mane Six have in their fin shapes and color palettes showing off their cutie marks is a nice touch.

I mean having Pinkie and Skystar hang out after this movie is a genius idea think of how much fun they could have.

What is this a Pinkie x Skystar song what is this alternate shipping idea? Sure I like Twilight x Pinkie better for comedic timing but for cuteness that could work.

Oh damn it Twilight why can you be both a genius and an idiot in the same movie. Maybe don't try and pull of a Mission Impossible movie for a peal this is such a terrible idea.

What is this emotional tension? Like Twilight being called out for her plan and being jaded and ends justifying the means kind of attitude she's been having at points during this movie? This is some decent stuff here. Its like going out of Equestria made the show age up a few years into edge lite. And its kind of a nice feeling to see Twilight attempt take charge crack team of elite Elements of Harmony team here. Or at least I could see a darker movie here if you ramped up the emotional stuff here.

Also Twilight using the chance of not having the camera on her for once to steal a priceless artifact is genre savvy.

Also having Pinkie be the second in command pretty much and voice of reason in this argument like what is this more shipping fuel. Everyone else is sad but quiet, Pinkie's like "but I was going to get a new friend" and goes hard on calling Twilight out for doing dumb stuff. Like what is this an actual epic adventure script where the main characters grow and change and also confront one another when they fall out of line? Bravo movie, while I think some parts were rushed, i.e. the parrot pirates, this one scene works really well to show that Pinkie is emotionally smart and can read a situation and Twilight can be criticized for her decisions. Like this is some good stuff. Damn Pinkie the tone on you, this is like some good stuff here.

Shit I accidentally paused when Pinkie realized what Twilight just said in this scene and I accidentally caused her to have bedroom eyes. Stupid in between frames and pause buttons.

But now comes the story of Twilight "Living on the Edge" Sparkle. Princess of I Hate Friends

But damn, emotional impact and utter silence after that line? That's cinematic right there. What is this epic fantasy teen rated FiM fanfic where the ponies are in character and on an epic adventure? I want more of this tone.

Aw yeah the scene where the hero and the villain are revealed to be similar. These are fun scenes.

Tempest Shadow singing is like another good thing cause villain songs are great in MLP mostly cause they are often rare enough to feel special. I still think Tempest is great cause she's a normal pony that gets ostracized and turns to evil through hers and others actions and partly cause she lost her horn which is like a unicorn disability.

Also the dungeon torture chamber place Twilight's in makes me think she's going to be frozen in carbonite like in Star Wars.

I guess I can see why people ship Tempest and Twilight, I can see it but I don't exactly like it all that much.

Oh Applejack this is why I like you a lot in the show. Everybody else is happy with Capper finding them. Applejack's just like whatever its not like he hasn't sold us out calm down ponies don't get too lovey dovey with his wordplay.

Oh I like Skystar's hippogriff design that's some regal looking stuff right there.

Damn it Spike why'd you make me laugh with your deadpan question of why didn't we make more friends here we need an army to take on a literal army of evil.

Twilight's got that broken look in her eyes, like wow is that actual doubt about saving the day and failure?

Oh god, the Storm King voice is an act. Dude's got some angry deep voice going on every once in a while. And yet he's acting like an excited kid. It's like if Discord had an army and was less comedic and fun.

Pinkie laughing like a maniac while throwing impossible amounts of cupcakes is a scary image.

And Fluttershy beating a guy by asking if they needed to get their feelings out is kind of silly and fun.

Uh, well Spike continues to be used creatively here. I guess I forgot her could be used as a flamethrower.

I think the Storm King's gimmick is probably one of my favorites so far.

I guess Chekov's Cannon is in effect and its so worth it. Pinkie and Twilight hug and the power of talking does not trump the idea that well they are fighting the final boss. Good job Dash for reminding them cause that felt like it would have been a long talk.

And in that moment Twilight comes back like both Jesus and Superman to save the day. I guess the Staff of Sacanas looks just enough like the Lance of Longinus to make me think this is one weird way to almost end the world Twilight. You should have got in the friendship, Twilight.

Storm King's like "boy do I love spoiling the cute moment. That's my arc, Twilight, I'm going to destroy all cute things and be the coolest most evil version of myself even if it takes seven seasons and a movie."

Well crap, he's super dead. Shattering from a balcony drop after being turned to stone? Movie villain death right there.

Dang it Twilight's Anna and Tempest is Elsa. Not that Twilight gets frozen to ice, but she uses love or friendship to teach the relative edgelord a lesson.

Fluttershy how do all kid's movie's end? With happiness and a musical number, duh. But yeah asking "Now what" does make sense.

Good thing Emily Blunt isn't playing her character from Edge of Tomorrow cause she "died" she'd have to repeat the day or however long from the beginning.

The Princesses' are super happy about Twilight saving the day. They can have lines of dialogue- which Cadance has had like one or two so far. Best pinkest princess didn't do anything in the movie besides getting taken out first. Wonder if she had flashbacks to Sombra and that's why she got taken out like a chump.

Songbird Serenade's backup dancers are on point. Also Rarity x Capper and Skystar x Pinkie and with those looks between Twilight x Tempest "Fizzlepop Berrytwist" Shadow, these ships are probably super canon. Like the canoniest canons. I mean if the day was saved by a cannon, these ships are totes canon.

Seriously though with those looks Tempest is giving Twilight, if this movie was aimed at an older demographic I could see them make out. But I guess having a horn that shoots fireworks makes Tempest also an X Men character. I always did like the look of Jubilee.

Or I guess with how often I have seen Pinkie shipped with reformed antagonists and her reaction when Tempest said her actual name, that could work too as a ship.

But seriously besides the heel turn that the pirates had in the first act that took four minutes, I didn't have much actual complaints here. Though with how often Songbird Serenade appeared in the trailer, I thought she'd be at least a little more important, but I guess the trailer showed the most non spoilery bits of her like three short scenes.

Overall, this was a good movie, not perfect, and the CGI reliance on some backgrounds so often made me fall out of the movie a bit, but this made me think how important this movie is, like it shows areas past the Badlands and a lot more races, makes Equestria a bit of a darker place with the whole ostracism angle for looking different thing Tempest was going with, and the races all were fun.

Like this is a good movie. I liked it better than Equestria Girls 1 and 3. Maybe Equestria Girls 2 and this are equal in terms of my enjoyment, but for aesthetic sake where this felt like the 80s tv show's more epic episodes where it felt like an adventure could happen in the far corners of the world and actually have stakes.

Overall I'd give this at least an 8/10, with a point taken off for both its weird pacing issues and some points where the CGI was a bit too much or the times I thought I saw characters not mesh well with the backgrounds because of a problem with the 2d and 3d mix making some background ponies look a bit too floaty and weird though for its hour forty runtime it works. I have no clue why We Got the Beat was used and slightly changed that was weird, but the rest of the songs were good to great and each pony had moments to shine- though this felt like Rarity and Applejack got a bit of the short end of the stick and besides the two times Spike was used as a flamethrower he could have pretty much been cut out of the adventure but his caring assistant persona that the show flip flops back and forth on was consistent and nice, and also the best scenes in my opinion were the far more emotionally nuanced back and froth dialogue especially between both Tempest and Twilight and Pinkie and Twilight. Like I didn't have problems like in some episodes of the show where a character acts too far out of character to make the plot work.

Final opinion, probably one of the strongest overalll movies so far in the series. Whoever wrote this good job.

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I like your detailed review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, although I do wish you had seen it in the cinemas. Its even nicer on the big screen (and I can say that I have seen a snippet on my mac after having seen it in the movies.

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