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    I am the night's serpent

    Eu sou a serpente da noite
    I am the night's serpent
    O vento do oeste me traz
    The wind from the west beckons me
    Me dá tua mão e em troca
    Give me your hand and, in exchange
    Te dou minha asa lilás
    I give you my lilac wing

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    It's not always that I find a story that deeply moves me

    But this one... it’s like a dream.

    If you care, please, do check it out.

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    This is not an invitation to praise/bash the authors.

    Inky Swirl

    I've just rewatched 'Luna Eclipsed' because of the date and all, and then, because eff it, I watched the first eight minutes of Crystal Empire Part 1. I hadn't seen an episode of pony in... months.

    I'm glad I did, now, but I also feel like a guilty fool.

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Departures · 1:50am Nov 13th, 2017

This is not an invitation to praise/bash the authors.

Inky Swirl

I've just rewatched 'Luna Eclipsed' because of the date and all, and then, because eff it, I watched the first eight minutes of Crystal Empire Part 1. I hadn't seen an episode of pony in... months.

I'm glad I did, now, but I also feel like a guilty fool.

Immediately after watching, my brain exploded when it tried to acknowledge the existence of this site modeled after the show I'd just seen. It's a strange distortion--a sick, far-out distortion--and I'm not able to fully grasp what's gone on; it's as if someone dropped a toddler in a night club, or something.

In fact, it makes me feel dirty. I feel guilty for having even been in a place like this when it bastardizes something so heartfelt, sweet, and pure. It's a corruption to me right off the bat and every last little thing I've ever read about Twilight that hasn't been in the show makes me feel like I'd read about an impostor--an impostor pulling cheap cash off of their imitation.

I know Twilight sparkle--I just saw over half an hour of Twilight Sparkle. And you know what? None of the fake copies on here can match her.

I can't do this.Knowing the love Lauren Faust and the creators of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic must have for this show makes me extra aware of what's going on, here. If someone took something of mine and wrote or drew something 'fan art' completely out of context, something not even plausible or entirely inappropriate in the universe or canon or reality I'd found, I'd be...

I'd be downright hateful. :fluttershyouch:

Hell, I'd even be pissed they were spending so much time on it when they should be out discovering their own worlds, not stitching multicolored pieces of fabric onto a work I've already sown. What an ugly, non-original quilt that would be! What a gaudy, insulting mess. Mutilation is the most sincere form of fandom appreciation, it appears.

I just can't watch an episode of the show and then acknowledge how much frigging goddam porn and bullshit there is based off of it. It's not something I can do. My Little Pony is a sanctuary, it was meant to be a sanctuary, and people are using it to get off. This is worse than when Jesus caught moneychangers using a temple for business. This is like running a prostitution ring overnight in a daycare center, even letting the clients use the toys. You may clean them off with some Chlorox wipes, but the memory remains, and you can't take back what just happened.

It's rape. It's a passive-aggressive rape for an audience to approve of, for people to get their physical and egotistic rocks off, and I can't sit around here anymore. No. No, no, no, no.

The stories on here don't feature the characters from the show... they use cheap Chinese-factory-stitched costumes and stuff whatever they want inside, then beat them around and call them "Applejack" or "Rainbow Dash" when they're puppets filled with sickly meat. You can put makeup on a pig, but you can't call it Giselle Bundchen.

I might be going off the rails, but I look back at the show, and knowing what I know about this site, I simply cannot justify 98% of the stuff. Sure, maybe the sexual or even adult-humor stuff is spun off of a 'love' of it, but none of that is evoked by the show, and I especially am sure that its creators don't want to acknowledge its existence; if they could, they'd probably burn and ban it all, too.

Think right now how Lauren Faust would feel if she examined this website. Think how she would feel if she took a look at "Equestria After Dark." A lot of you have probably met one of the voice actors--can you think about meeting them, shaking their hands, seeing their smile, and acknowledging what you're read, written, viewed, or even jacked off to without some guilt or shame? Embarrassment is a burn you can't bury in a circumstance like that.

We're using someone else's toys in ways they were never meant to be used and calling it love and creativity. This isn't love, and this is rearrangement and utilization for an unintended purpose, not creativity--this is bastardization of a temporary obsession, raping something for what it's worth while it's there until the next sparkly toy rolls down the production line.

I'm not going to partake in this 'fan facade' gangbang anymore. I became a fan of pony for the right reasons, found a true love and appreciation for the show and its characters, and then partook in the fandom, where I found all the wrong methods and actions, and I'm done sitting in a place where Lauren Faust's children are played with like fuck toys and plastic action figures you can smash against the floor.

I am out. No more of this--I've served my time in this psycho ward, and I won't get bitten by this sickly serpent again. I sincerely hope those of you who love fiction continue writing and grow to be awesome at the art, if you choose to continue this path. Please... find something all your own, a world no one else has discovered, yet, and breathe life into it as it so deserves. Do not continue claiming love for something this pure and then doing nasty, traitorous things.

It's not funny... that's just the false excuse we use to cover our asses. "I did it for laughs." No, you did it because you could, and the only way to cleanse yourself is to get off the addiction. Stop abusing this beautiful, pure thing to get high or get off or get your kicks.

No more mixing alcohol with the kids' drinks. No more raping something so clean as this. "The Library Club" is as true a thing as I could ever write for this place and submit.

The Naval Brony

I don't go on this site anymore as I used to be. I will sign in once in a while to check out some stuff, but my interest in the show and the fandom itself is disappearing from my mind and body. I already started to think that only a small portion of the brony fanbase is sane. I think that a major portion of the fandom is rabid. I hate clop, I hate vore. Why do you have to do clop? I don't care if its Rule 34. It just ruins the entire show. You're making porn for a kids show.

As much as I was, its hard to be a brony, not very easy to be a brony. The music made by bronies suck. They don't want to write their own lyrics, instead making crappy dubstep and electro-pop. I consider some artists better than them. I hate all of fanon. I hate all of the fanbrats bashing against the decision of Twilight Sparkle being an alicorn. I hate all of the Rule 34 community, with a few exceptions (SwiperTheFox, you are a exception, so as Reginald...umm, whatever that guy is, also Regidar, you are spared from my hatred).

I am drifting into anti-brony territory. Don't worry, I'm not going to bash bronies, I'm just going to hate rabid bronies. I am starting to think that bronies are bastards but I try to keep that thought away from my mind as I've been once part of the fanbase.

I might be a Benedict Arnold, deserting the brony fanbase and going into the anti-brony army.

"Love and tolerance" my ass. You bronies are stupid for making a hypocritical statement. When someone says they don't like the show, you flip your shit, you flame the brony requesting to watch the show. I don't care if the non-brony doesn't want to try it. Just don't force it and shove it down the throat. You just made a new enemy. You are slowly becoming rotten vicious people who like to shove "love and tolerance". I am not a bastard, I don't think humans are bastards.

Equestria Daily is also a shitty site which puts too much pro-Trixie. Its kind of like a political warfare zone. Pro-Trixie is left-wing while Anti-Trixie is right wing. The bronies who make up the excuse that the rabid fanbase is only a minority are dumbasses you are whiteknighting them. If it was minority, it wouldn't be widespread.

When I first joined this fanbase, I thought that it was going to be like every brony said. People welcoming you to the "herd", they are tolerant of people, including the haters. When I actually experienced the fanbase, it was the total opposite. Some bronies were rude to you, when I made a stupid choice in the chatroom on this site, which ended up me being trolled. You guys should go die in a fucking hole.

The Conversion Bureau, Cupcakes, Sweet Apple Massacre, 120 Days of Blueblood, and Rainbow Factory are pieces of shit. They aren't really good written. They are just plain disgusting, and I don't think all of them are scary. They try too hard, causing the scare factor to go down.

Now, I hate that bronies have to ponify everything in sight. They ponified Pokemon, Hetalia, Twilight, Digimon, anything they could find to be ponified. I seriously can't believe that you have to ponify everything. You are pissing off other fanbases. I don't ponify characters, no not at all.

Finally, the bronies are becoming like the Sonic fanbase. The majority being rabid, butthurt, and flaming people who are intolerant of each other opinions. The shippings here are also purely shit. The clopfics are written by insane idiots (like I said, a few exceptions apply to this).

Now, I'm done with my wordy and lengthy rant. You can either hate my rant or like my rant, maybe join on the anti-brony side. But, my business with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is done, the fimfiction.net should hopefully get a bad ending. So, goodbye cruel fanbase. I'm not going to kill myself, but I'm going under a new identity.

And, for a final message.

Bye...We will not meet again, well, maybe I'll come back to the brony fanbase...if the rabid fanbase has diminished and isn't widespread as it was when I'm typing this rant.

BaroqueNexus - Pt. I

I have something I must say.

As of this point in time, I can no longer handle the stress and abuses that I have both given and received on this site. It has affected my writing, my friends, and my image, all in the most negative way. Since I came on here, I've been bullied and abused...but that's not the worst part. The worst is that I in turn became a bully. I became a douchebag that I always said that I loathed.

I have put far too much of my personal life into this site with people that I do not know and cannot trust, and it has gotten me in more trouble than I care to recall. So I am leaving this site indefinitely. I do not plan on being back. I am sorry, but it has to be this way. I cannot handle the stress, and it is affecting my physical and mental health. I find that I can no longer handle myself on here. I came here to escape my old life, a place where I could feel safe and loved. And then not only did my old life catch up with me, but I discovered that things were much different than I envisioned them on here. Arrogance, hypocrisy, abuse...it was commonplace. And as time went by I became less and less of a victim and more and more of a perpetrator. Starting fights for no reason, going off on angry rants, and generally making a fool out of myself so self-righteous jerks could humiliate me on their public forums. Well, it ends tonight.

I am very sorry it has to be this way. To those who have stuck with me, who have supported me no matter what, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. But I fear that I cannot answer any messages or associate with anyone from this site anymore, as I do not want to trick myself into thinking that coming back here will be a good thing. I am afraid I must break all ties with everyone on this site. I am sorry, but I cannot go back. Not anymore.

I was bullied so much that I in turn became a bully. I became the very thing I had come to hate, and it has nearly driven me over the edge. So effective immediately, I am leaving Fimfiction.com for good...or until a proper time arises where I feel that I am healthy enough for such activities. So I will be gone from the site for months, if not forever.

You have been good to me, most of you, but I'm afraid that I must deal with my problems by myself, or else I will never find the solutions. This is not the place for such bastardry, even though it is so rampant on here. And so, I must leave. I will not be back. I will not be answering messages. And I will not be updating stories.

Goodbye, everyone. To those who have supported me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To those who have abused me...well, I wish you could see my middle finger right now.

So long, everybody. I wish you good health and good future. My time has ended, and I must go. Goodbye.

BaroqueNexus - Pt. II

Hey everyone.

I'll cut right to the chase: this will be my final blog post. I'm leaving. For good.

Yeah, I know I've said that in the past, usually when I was in the middle of an immature meltdown, but this time the circumstances are much, much different.

For once in my life, I am content. Happy? Maybe that's too strong a word for right now, but content? Yeah. I'm healthier, physically and mentally. I'm going back to college. I've got a decent job. I'm in love. Things are actually going well. And I've cut all ties with the dark, depressive, cancerous online past that once defined me.

All ties but one.

This site.

I don't write anymore. Maybe I will down the line, but for right now, my writing days are over. I don't like any of the stories on here, not even my own. Hell, I don't even like the idea of pony-fiction in the first place. For me, this site was never about writing: it was a forum, a soapbox for me to air out my dirty laundry and spew my poison to anyone that happened to be online at the time, with no regard for the people I hurt or the damage I caused. All the drama, all the backlash, everything I said and did...

I know nothing will change the past. But I've been cutting ties with stuff that has been anchoring me to that past, especially on social media, in order for me to move forward and maybe, just maybe, become a better person.

Fimfiction is the last tie I need to sever. I love you guys and I have plenty of good memories about this place, but...the bad memories are too much. I can't come back here without thinking of all the trouble I caused and how much I hurt myself and others.

So I'm not coming back to this site. At all. I'd delete my account if I could, but I can't. I won't delete my stories, even though I really feel like I should. I won't delete any other blog posts or anything like that.

And I won't forget the people who stood with me through it all. I owe you guys more than I think I'll ever be able to pay.

Some of you have alternate ways of contacting me. As for the rest of you...have a good life. Make the best of it. If you're young, don't make the same shitty mistakes that I made. And thank you, once more, to the people that stayed. Thank you so much.

This is BaroqueNexus, signing off.



This is my first time logging onto Fimfiction in over a year, and it's safe to say by now there's few, if any, things I miss about it. The majority of new content is still shit. Most of the userbase is still shit (and possibly younger than the median age a year ago). The layout has become some unsightly "modern" web interface that's even more shit than the "2.1" change was back when it was implemented. It's a mess, overall, and I'm unsure as to why. But that's not the point of my post.

I stopped being involved with pony things around one year and six months ago, give or take a few weeks. That's not to say my interest immediately stopped, rather, it slowly faded over time to the point where I just didn't care anymore. I still used the site. I still checked up on new stories and the School for New Writers and I was still involved with the community, because I actually wanted to help people. It felt like I was doing something useful with my time.

Now, I don't think I could ever feel like that again. I'm generally apathetic about what I used to consider the most fun parts of my life: writing, editing, gaming, socializing among other actions. I'm not really content with doing any of those things anymore. Therefore, I've decided it's best for me to move on – move on from Fimfiction, the Internet, maybe even life or something. I've stopped caring.

I realize now it's kind of silly to make a "goodbye" post after being gone for over fifty-two weeks, but I feel like it's time to close up some loose ends and give some sort of closure to this, to anyone who may stumble upon my profile in the future. So, um, I can't make my grand disappearance without doing it properly.

To everyone from the School for New Writers, thank you for putting up with my shit. Thank you for reading my lectures. Thank you for giving me a chance to edit your stories.
To everyone else who's found my work and considered it good, thank you too.
To the authors, whose works I ripped through, and took my advice to heart, thank you as well. I really mean it, from the bottom of my heart. There isn't much I can say that to any more, not without lying.

To Goldy, if you're reading this, I'm sorry. I don't know what I did, but I'm sorry.

All right, I think that covers everything. If I've missed anything, I might update this page in the next few hours or something, but I'll change my password and email to some gibberish in short time so I can truly move on. In truth, without this site, I probably wouldn't even be alive to type something like this. So, for the third time – and this time, I really mean it – thank you all. Goodbye.

(I'll be leaving my account, stories, comments, groups, and posts up. I'm not going to try and pretend nothing I said ever happened. That said, to anyone who might have known or did know about my social media profiles, please don't try to contact me on them anymore. The Internet isn't as big of a part of my life as it used to be, and I don't want to spend my time on it reflecting on something I want to separate myself from. I also won't be linking any future accounts I make on other sites here – consider my page to be an enigma, of sorts.)

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