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Vast media fan, short story and epic yarn spinner. Look out for falling plot devices.

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  • 120 weeks

    So as the last blogpost said, I'm not DEAD. Really.

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  • 149 weeks
    Long Time No Update

    No I'm not dead, just really busy.

    My life's been going in circles lately and I've been incredibly busy IRL, offline and online, doing things here and there. Upheaval and what not.

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  • 177 weeks
    Thank you

    Thank you everyone who Favorited, liked and commented on A Perfectly Normal Response. I didn't think it would get that many favorites and likes, and in such a short period of time.

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  • 177 weeks

    I posted a fic called A Perfectly Normal Response.

    It's outside my usual vein of writing, so be gentle as it's a mature fic.

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  • 179 weeks
    Working on Stuff

    Still chugging along. Some of Project Remaster is coming along, other times I need to write a shortfic.

    A new fanfic is in the process queue right now called A New Beginning which is a crossover between Kamen Rider Gaim and MLP Season 1. Have fun.

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Bonds of our Friendship · 12:15am Oct 5th, 2017

IS LIVE! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/387588/bonds-of-our-friendship

Thank you all for your patience. While this is the END of the series in itself, it's not the end of me dabbling into this world. Not by a long shot.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope to deliver more nonsensical tokusatsu goodness.

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