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It's been a long, adventure filled year, and the chapter in Gentarou's life in Canterlot City has come to an end. With the final week upon them, Twilight tries desperately to sort out her life, and feelings for the man who she calls friend. Even if it means braving the Game set up by Discord, in order to facilitate a world beyond.

The final chapter of a Kamen Rider Fourze x Equestria Girls x My Little Pony Friendship is Magic story is about to begin!

Equestria Girls: Heisei Generations
Bonds of our Friendship
feat. Ex-Aid and Mach

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More Space Friendship Pony Manchild Fonz. Yay

Gen-chan does what he does. And does it poorly as usual.

To be honest the ending's a bit rushed, considering how much stuff I was cramming in at the last minute anyhow. I really need to get back to this fic some time later and edit the ending a bit but that'll wait for another day.


I totally ship Mach and RD btw


hadn't thought about Go and RD until you mentioned it. It proooobably happened later on in the 5 year epilogue.


of couse it is this is toku lol

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