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I am the bubbliest, most outgoing, extroverted introvert. I stare at the other person's shoes when I talk to them. If I had my own soundtrack, it would be Pomme de'Amour I by Rene Aubry.

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Music SIG Likes #58 :: The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band · 4:16am Oct 2nd, 2017

I never though I would ever say this, but I think I am beginning to come around to (some) kinds of American Country music. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band certainly puts a big, fat "+" in the "fun to listen to category". A commenter in one of the videos below mentioned that Reverend Peyton is like "the White Stripes and George Thorogood and Hank Williams put together´╗┐". It is quite apt.

I normally despise music videos when I am listening to music, but RPBDB is one of the few exceptions I will make and enjoy to boot. They all look like they are having a cracking time and it shows through their performance. Quite infectious.

(Kelly the Drawing Unicorn - Sachan)

My Old Man Boogie

Boom Chank

Let Your Light Shine

Worn Out Shoe

John Hughes (The Water Tower's Heart Is Sore)

We Deserve a Happy Ending

Raise A Little Hell

Clap Your Hands
(This is what I think a Party [capital 'P'] at the Apples' barn would be like)

Devils Look Like Angels

Something For Nothing

Pot Roast and Kisses
(I am thinking the Cakes here)

Feel free to reply and post anything that you enjoy!

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