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Share a Smile · 2:42pm Sep 12th, 2017

Someone pointed me to this little thing going around, and even if it could be considered a chain-letter type thing, it is the best of causes.

The more of you who participate, the more our chances increase of bringing someone a smile. That's what the Magic of Friendship is all about, right? Well, if you can, please take a few moments out of your day to help brighten someone else's.
Here's what I'd like everyone to do: write a blog post about someone (or someones!) who you don't normally interact with that you admire, look up to, or just simply want to praise in some way. Then tag it with Share a Smile, as well as the names of the user(s) you wrote about. If we're lucky—if enough of y'all participate—that person may just have the happy surprise of finding your post. If you could also include instructions at the bottom of your post for others who see it to do the same, that would be super!


So far I have chatted with you only in official capacity. I found this site a little over two years ago, and it quickly became somewhere to visit daily. Your blogs make me giggle, and I think you have (and continue to) do a great job of bringing smiles to a lot of people every day. Thanks you, knighty, your work makes me smile every day, and helps me bring smiles to others.

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