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I first got into My Little Pony back during my second year of high school and have been a fan ever since. I love a good story, and hope to bring many good stories to readers for many years to come.

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    Okay, got a celebration going on to welcome our favorite Dragon Tsundere! Good start, good start.

    Spike you've been hanging around Twilight to much. XD

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Triple Threat · 6:59pm Aug 19th, 2017

Okay! Time for a new reaction review! :rainbowkiss: Haven't done one of these in a while but just saw the new episode come out on YouTube and thought, "Hey, why not?" So here we are!

Let's not waist time and get right into it!

Okay, got a celebration going on to welcome our favorite Dragon Tsundere! Good start, good start.

Spike you've been hanging around Twilight to much. XD

Oh! Hey! It's our favorite Love-Bug-Horse!

Thorax litterally sees the fire thing and is like, "Oo! Shiny!"

Is it me, or does Spike's anxiety freak out resemble Twilight's vision projections from "Celestial Advice"? Not sure if the phrase "like mother like son" applies here... maybe "like big sister like little brother"? Either way Spike clearly takes after Twilight a little.

Spike: "So hey, Thorax, everything good with you?"

Thorax: "Actually no, I have indigestion..." He says as a very dragon-tsundere shaped objects draws closer in the background.

Spike: "NOOOOOOO!!!!!"

I'm not sorry. :trollestia::moustache:

Yes! The castle! Off to the dungeon with you!

Hey! Superhero landing!

You know that's very hard on your knees.

Lol, Ember and the trumpet ponies. XD That pony better run.

Spike: "I, Spike of Ponyville, Welcome you, Dragon Lord Ember, to... Ponyville." Huh... Spike has a title... :rainbowlaugh:

*couldn't think of a funny quip*

D'awwwww! She's so cute with being awkward hugs. :rainbowkiss:

Hmm... I feel there's a need for flame-retardant tissues...

Oh my god. XD No... they didn't... did they? They did... Ember confusing Starlight for Twilight.... it's almost like they're almost interchangeable... almost. *cough cough* Startlight main character now *cough cough*

Damn it Spike! You can't keep your big mouth shut!

Lol, Spike looks like he's desperately trying to hold in gas.

It's official... we're treading on romantic comedy anime territory... :facehoof::derpytongue2:

Ember: "Or I could go without you."

Damn it Ember, I fucking love you. XD

Starlight: "Hehe, ehh, I like her." Same here Starlight! Same here! XD

Okay Ember, welcome to Castle Merchandise! Don't touch anything or you'll have to buy it!

.... she just eats the bowl! XD Oh yeah... that's right, dragons eat crystals/gems.... and the whole castle is made of the stuff.... Twilight literally lives the Dragon equivalent of the Gender Bread House from Hansel and Gretel! Hmmm.... and Twilight have magic....

Oh my god! Ember do you know how many carbs there are in that wall!? It will go right to your thighs! ... actually, keep eating. :moustache:

Lol, Thorax is just like, "Spike, help me. Twilight is so boring!"

"Twilight really likes chairs." Hmm.... first the kites now chairs.... okay, bring on the memes.

Awww, poor Love-Bug-Horse. He just want's to chill with his bro Spike.

WTF!? What is going on with Spike's spines!

Waaaaaaaahhhh?! Spike's connected to the map!? :rainbowderp::applejackconfused: OKAY! SURE!

Twilight: "The map is really reaching out!" Fuck you Twilight. XD

Does the map have access to everypony? What are the rules!? How do you work map?!

OH NO! Lyra and Bon Bon! No fighting!

Nice burp Ember.

Why do I love you so much Ember? XD

Ah, I see Thorax is trying to master the art of chillaxing.

Yes, there is a dinning room in the castle. As in the room was dined upon.

Good job Spike. Ya did good. ^^

And you completely missed Thorax and Starlight in the side corner there. Don't lie, you had to do a double take too. I know I did.

Huh... Thorax's having trouble being the king of a new race of changelings after generations under Chrysalis. Go figure. :derpytongue2:

Renegade Changelings? That still feed off love because that's how they've been doing things for hundreds of years and are having trouble adjusting to this new order of things? I feel like this is foreshadowing a future episode....

Lol, looks like all that extra crystal eating paid off. Everyponies flocking to her to check out that dragon-butt. :trollestia:

Now now Ember, we all know your a powerful dragon, but ponies aren't used to having the sky above their village filled with fire... surprisingly.


OH MY SWEET CELESTIA! XD AHHHH! Ember said it! :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh: Yes! They do look and act a lot the same! Thanks for the nod Hasbro.

Oh god I know your pain Spike.

Okay, they gotta be foreshadowing another episode... please?!

Spike, take the hint, your spines aren't glowing because of Thorax and Ember.

Le gasp! A Tsundere!

Yeah... it's getting really obvious what the problem is here...

Okay... turns into a bear, and beats his chest like a gorilla...


It was all a big misunderstanding. :derpytongue2: *wah wah*

Spike, take a chill pill.

*sigh* yeah.... Spike really has taken after Twilight.

And there we go. Good job Spike. Yah dun fuqed up.

... okay here come the Ember X Thorax ships. Don't lie, I can hear you typing.

Yep. So many Ember X Thorax ships.

Lol! Ember's allergic to the feels.

You had to think about that for a sec Thorax.

Okay this just beautiful. I'm loving very moment of this! XD I wanna squeal. :rainbowkiss: Yee! I like it! I like it a lot!:heart:

Well Spike, that's the thing. If you only dwell on all the possible negatives of life, you'll never be able to see the good that can be had.


Yes Ember. Yes. It is everything.


T'was a gewd episode. :rainbowkiss:

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