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Sigh... · 5:59am Aug 5th, 2017

Sometimes, I feel like my family doesn't understand me. They keep telling me to push myself and socialize with other people and I feel like they're pressuring me which makes my problem worse. I have trust issues which makes it harder for me to get close to other people. My grandma always snaps at me for being so antisocial, but I don't say anything because I love her. She doesn't know that I have social anxiety and that I've gone through depression. Even though I'm out of it, I feel like it's following me like a ghost. My family tells me to keep my problems in myself, but it hurts. Whenever I have to talk to someone, I feel like I'm suffocating, I can't look a person in the eye, because it makes me too nervous. I'm afraid that I won't be intetesting for them, I'm horrible at making conversation in real life. I feel really insecure about my body, and the voices in my head keep telling me that I'm ugly. It's mostly because of my mom, because she makes comments about my body. Everybody thinks I'm boring and a freak. My mom makes it like being shy is a bad thing. I really hate myself for it. I feel like all I want is pity and attention. Maybe I'm just a spoiled brat who wants everyone to listen to her. I'm really confused and I don't know what to do, I feel like the whole world is against me.

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Sadly there's on easy fix for your social anxiety its something you might be able to help with meds but it wont ever go away. Only advice I can give you is if you want to try to meet new people try in one at a time till you get to know them its easier to handle that way. Also know there's nothing wrong with how you feel. not everyone will get along in a big group. Just know that you're not alone.

If you don't tell them what the problem is, they won't be able to help you; if you do tell them the problem, they may be able to help you.

Also, you seem to be unlucky -- unlucky that your parents may not be very good at their job. A lot of times when something is wrong with a child, it's the fault of the parents. Here's a channel that may have some info on situations similar to yours.

The best option is to change yourself; only you can change your own behavior, directly or indirectly; I'm the one who made myself the person I now am, you can do it too as long as you believe in yourself.

Hey need someone to talk to?
PM me if you wanna.

4624550 I guess I could try that

4624557 Thanks, Dewy, I really needed that! :twilightsmile:

4624854 I did try to tell them my problem, but they made it feel like it was all my fault. My family tells me to keep my emotions to myself, and because of that, I can't express myself and I feel like I'm exploding. But I can't help but feel like this is all my fault. My parents left a big scar on me, but there were other things that added to it too.

4624957 Yeah...

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