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So, when does the Chapter 8 arrive? · 8:20pm Jun 29th, 2017

That's probably what you're asking right now. Currently, I'm thinking around the weekend once more, since I have a free day on sunday, which is pretty neat considering I thought I'd have to go to work.

Then you're probably asking what'll happen in the chapter: A-Plot stuff for the most part. I hope to delve into why ponies think Dinky's annoying (we've only seen her being totally adorbs, so that needs to be addressed) and also get back to the CMC. I kinda enjoy their dynamic in the story, what with Sweetie being a bit dim-witted and Scootaloo being more of an anti-hero. Hopefully I manage to keep the quality on the good end and not do the whole thing where people say: "It's a good story, but all there's a lot of tiny errors."

We'll see how that goes, 'till sundays lads , lassies and genderfluid spongekin.

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