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Weaponized BS · 4:58pm Jun 13th, 2017

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Showing off your new toy?

Eeyup. I figured, since Fallout 4's only redeeming feature is the weaponmod system, and only once you've got fanmade mods fixing the grindfest part and the lack of customization options part and the borderlands-style warcraft-inspired random-drops Legendary system, I might as well show off what I can do with it.

You saw it, huh? Check out the RYNO barrel, it's even better.

One great thing about this thing? Its ammunition is garbage, and you always have garbage. Over the course of the game, you pick up tons of garbage you're SUPPOSED to be using for settlement-building, but you can use it for this, too. 10mm ammo, shotgun shells, batteries for laser rifles, they're plentiful, sure, but this type of ammunition is so plentiful, you can even get it from scavenging, you can get it from scrapping radroach/raider/mirelurk corpses, you can get it from scrapping the armour and weapons you pick up over the course of the game! It's the absolute pinnacle of sustainable nuclear-launching firepower.

And if I added my RYNO barrel or my Lightshow sight, rather than my Heavy-Duty sight, it'd be even more deadly.

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