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My PC just burned its hard drive out. Hooray. · 8:44pm Aug 18th, 2018

Great, there goes two weeks worth of spriting progress for silver, some Ben 10 fanfic crossover stuff, and 4k words of Silver Ch7.
Good thing I back my shit up every 2 weeks. But from now on, I'm boosting that to every week.
In the meantime, having written down what I remember of those things, I'll plan out some youtube crap to do and rewatch MLP S1-3.
Personally, I hate how the writers decided to treat Twilight becoming an Alicorn as the end of her character arc, rather than the next stage in it. She might have more power now, but that means more responsibility. Interesting stories can be told about a bookworm getting thrust into a politician's role. Interesting stories can be told about Twilight getting over her near-absolute devotion to Celestia. Interesting stories can be told about a lot of stuff the writers decided to do poorly. Like that Cutie Mark stuff. Why give them Cutie Marks for Getting Cutie Marks if you're going to have them do what they've been doing as kids for the rest of their lives?
And what's with the tonal shift? S1, Twi is sent out to make some friends because you cant learn friendship or maturity or many moral lessons at some school. These things have to occur naturally to be real.
In numlp, the mane six are all-powerful rich elites who found a school to teach random nonponies the proper way of thinking and anyone who objects to cronyism or says "You can take the ogre out of the swamp but you cant take the swamp out of the ogre" is just a mean racist cishet rules-obsessed neighsayer sexist villain.

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