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The wheel kept turning: ages came, time passed us by. We lived in perfect harmony!

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  • 4 weeks
    i am in fact alive

    Writing hundreds of pages of nonfiction is hard, you guys. Weirdly enough, there is in fact remaining material for both of my stories-in-progress.

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  • 219 weeks
    Excuses, excuses

    Sure, you say, the Autumn Equinox was yesterday/today. Sure, you say, most of the 24-hour cycle is Luna's problem now. Suuuuuure.

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  • 227 weeks
    Gib Discord names pls. Also, I crave death slightly less now! Also fic outlined.

    So at the new job I've had these past couple of months, I don't work in an open office space. I can have a personal window or two open on my computer (still indoor work with no heavy lifting), so I've been keeping Discord open all day. CVBrony and Deaincaelo invited me to servers, but it seriously took until today to realize...

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  • 236 weeks
    My Little Meme Stash: Dankness is Magic

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  • 236 weeks
    Is there an MLP Dank Meme Stash, but not on Facebook?

    I'm catching up on the show, and I seriously need a place to cut out screenshots and capture them with funny things.

    Like when Starlight is getting mad at Trixie's description of Our Town? Needs a caption that says, "Magicks in evil".

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My Little Meme Stash: Dankness is Magic · 4:25pm May 27th, 2017

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