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Godzilla is OP as heck · 4:38am May 14th, 2017

How the hell did I not read these sooner

Godzilla: Rage Across Time #2

Godzilla in Hell 1-5

OK to recap in Godzilla: Rage Across Time #2. Godzilla literally killed all the Greek gods including Zeus(who would be the most worthless in the fight considering he is attacking Godzilla with lightning which Godzilla can absorb). After hitting Godzilla with all his remaining power he is left powerless. Later Godzilla returns to finish him off with an atomic breath. Never play God with Godzilla.

In Godzilla in Hell. Godzilla travels through Hell trying to find his way out. After wandering around for awhile he meets a large cloud which is actually a bunch of lost souls, that then combine into another Godzilla.

Of course Godzilla then kills the weak imposter. Then keeps travelling Hell. After battling possessed Kaijus in Hell. He literally meets God.

I have no idea why that thing is God but ok. God orders Godzilla to serve peace but he ignores him and kills an angel.

This then sends him deeper into hell(he can really take a beating. Did you see that fall!!.). Where he meets his hated clone SpaceGodzilla

The demons try to control Godzilla by entering his throat to get to his heart but God and his angels interfere.

After eating the angels Godzilla is powered up and easily defeats SpaceGodzilla

Well that was quick. After learning that eating angels and demon gives him power he eats more. Also the damn things start worshipping him.

I'll leave the ending of Godzilla in Hell for you to go see for yourself. But I will tell you how he ended up there.

Godzilla was battling with SpaceGodzilla

Then this happened

A bit overkill there Big G. Oh well what's done is done.

I wonder why I never found these before. These comics show why he is and always will be Godzilla King of the monsters!!!.

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Comments ( 9 )

Worst kind of Godzilla.

Still kind of fun to read.


Yeah, and Godzilla looks nice :V

Not a big fan of "Godzilla in Hell" story for belief reason. But at least they didn't say he killed God. But I though it was awesome he defeated Zeus though.

My favorite OP Godzilla is from"Godzilla:Final Wars".


He kicked everyone's ass!

Heck yeah! I wish they could combined all the Godzilla incarnation(Films,Cartoon,Comics,Manga) powers into one along with the two recent like "Shin Godzilla"and "Godzilla:Monster Planet".

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