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Alien Week! · 12:22pm May 12th, 2017

In honor of Alien Covenant that is coming soon, I will be dedicated a few days to Aliens! No, not that separate movie, I'm talking specifically about one of the best franchises put together. Well... okay, not best, but its well known by many in the geek community.

And in honor of this, I will be reviewing all four Alien films that started it all. No I will not review those Alien V Predator movies. And to those who followed me before, yes I am doing a re-review of Alien 3. Its going to be fresh, and its a new review for those who just started to follow me. And boy do I have a lot to say about Alien 3 and Resurrection... neither of them are safe from me... :twilightangry2:

And so when I have the time, I will begin the reviews!

Also and this is just me, I got an idea for a new fic actually. An Aliens crossover in fact... would any of you want to see it?

Finally, have a great Friday everyone! :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 9 )

Are you gonna review prometheus?(alien Covenant's prequel)

4529560 most likely... no.

4529570 ok. Just wanted to dubul check

Having seen Covenant today, I'm stoked to see what you think of it.

Any idea when you'll see it (if you haven't seen it yet)?

4542087 I'm not sure when I'll see it.

Just basing off of some of the things I've heard about it, and the reputation that these Alien movies have nowadays... and also seeing how much time I've got left, it'll probably be much later in time. Exams coming up and whatnot.

4542100 I'll admit, I've only seen the AvP movies, Prometheus and Covenant.

Uh, just saying, it doesn't seem like you're missing anything. In fact, I'm somewhat afraid to know what you'd say. The movie is...

Let's just say I think that, by the time Awakening comes out, Ridley will have gone full blown senile.

*Rubs his temples* why oh why oh why oh why... why'd they do dis? :flutterrage::pinkiesad2:



It sucked, didn't it?

4542124 Michael Fassbender was amazing (as I expected) and the action sequences (especially the one in the landing ship, the one with the back burster) are good (for the most part). However, for the most part, the movie is just a gigantic letdown. There are aspects that are genuinely good, which I feel makes the movie all that more infuriating. Especially with how magnetic and enrapturing Fassbender is (I legitimately think if he wasn't in the movie, the entire thing would be unwatchable trash. He pretty much carries this thing through some of its more... ridiculous and stupid moments).

I put a review up if you're curious for the full details.

The TL;DR version is that it's a letdown, but it's one that also has the balls to punch everyone who liked Prometheus in the stomach seven times over.

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