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I'm an amateur writer who enjoys creating new short stories, but I mostly write crossovers, such as Doctor Whooves. I relate my stories to current events happening in my life, but not very emotional.

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  • 41 weeks
    Updated Writing Schedule

    Hey everyone, have some sad news.

    Due to recent life events, I will not be able to regularly update like I could. Don't worry I am fine, but need to focus on other responsibilities right now. I will get the old schedule back once I'm back in shape. As it goes, new schedule goes as follows:

    (Starting from the beginning of the month)
    1st week- Red Dead Revival
    2nd week-Twilight's School

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    1 comments · 86 views
  • 45 weeks
    New Writing Schedule

    Hey all, just wanted to give you an update on the current madness that is my mind, and how I'm going about writing my stories. Below is going to be my current schedule, and might change depending on which stories are completed:

    Monday: Red Dead Revival

    Tuesday: Twilight's School for Gifted Unicorns

    Wednesday: Death is Coming

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    1 comments · 57 views
  • 80 weeks
    My Most Ambitious Project

    You ever had a dream where you go "this will make a fabulous story" ? I had that one today and wrote it down before I forgot. For right now, the secret project is called "The Play" and it is the most ambitious story yet! It is also my first Mature story that I'm going to take seriously.

    0 comments · 82 views
  • 120 weeks
    Dusting off and cleaning up!

    For all those following me (what little are left at least) I am doing some serious cleaning up here, and deleting old stories that went nowhere as well as reviving the classics.

    So, for your viewing pleasure, now introducing............

    Crimson moon! I also now have a brand new Tumblr, so all future updates will be there.

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    3 comments · 139 views
  • 120 weeks
    What to do...

    Hey,Ive been thinking a lot about doing some "spring cleaning" and deleting old trashy fanfics on thise site and reviving the good ones. Thoughts?

    Also I'm currently having some trouble figuring out whether or not to continue writing. Don't get me wrong, I love creating these worlds for you all to enjoy, but it seems that not a whole lot goes on via comments/pm's anymore.

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Rewriting Stories, Also looking for editors. (IMPORTANT INFO BELOW) · 9:41pm May 3rd, 2017

Hey guys, so I'm rewriting a few stories. It's been a difficult couple of months with work and emotional/financial troubles, and reviewing a few chapters I may have posted since then, I've elected to rewrite them. This especially applies to Star Wars: Friendship Divided. Looking from the chapter named "Introductions" onward, I will be rewriting those chapters. That brings me to my next topic: I NEED EDITORS. LIKE, SUPER BAD!!! I'm not convinced of how some of my stories are written. The flow sounds off in some of them, and I need a group of people that can help me with editing.

If you are interested, please message me via private message. Please note, I am looking for more than just one person, so if you know somebody that can help with it, have them send me a PM too!

Thanks for listening!

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