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Dawn Darkness

I am a science fiction and fantasy author who is practicing with the world of My Little Pony. Also there is an original science fantasy trilogy that is in the works.

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  • 31 weeks
    Rewriting on "Swarm of the Century" First Scene is Underway

    Hi, y'all. I thought of updating you all on the next chapter of Dawn Before Twilight. So, since I am trying out Scrivener for the first time (or second, if I count the small, overwhelmed time of its previous version), I want to try writing the episode as a long short story - since that's what episodic chapters kind of are; a mini-story within a larger narrative.

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  • 31 weeks
    Story Status (Blog About Part Two's Deletion)

    Hi, y'all. I am going to be updating you about the reason for why I deleted "Season 1 (Part Two)". Well, I'd like to keep the story in one, full-length published form so that everypony can enjoy the experience of reading it without having to move to the next part of the story in a separate post.

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  • 32 weeks
    Prologue to "Swarm of the Century" (Episode 10) is now Posted

    Hi everypony, thought I'd be getting back to this regular update for you on my story. I have posted the prologue to Episode 10. It's a short prologue to the episode, but hopefully it'll make you happy to see the story's comeback after 2½ months of silence. Part 1 of the episode will be written once I have gotten to 30k words on my original wolf story I'm currently writing. I wouldn't want extra

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  • 32 weeks
    After three months of silence...

    I'm back. I know I should have finished the first season of Dawn Before Twilight at some point, but stuff got in the way (such as original works). I am going to need a little more time before I write on Swarm of the Century, Chapter 11 of the full story (if you don't count the split).

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  • 44 weeks
    Delay on "Swarm of the Century" (Dawn Before Twilight)

    Hi, y'all. I just want to inform you that the next chapter/episode is a bit delayed. The reason is that I want to focus on my other projects, and original story called, "The Magical Dragon" (an action-adventure fantasy novel series).

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Story Ideas for the Six Season of my "Equestrian Dragon" · 5:31pm Apr 26th, 2017

I've thought of most ideas I could use in the continuation of my season six in my story, The Equestrian Dragon: Moon Light, on Fanfiction. One of the first ones was a T. Rex antagonist in the first half after my way of To Where and Back Again from the show. The second half will be where the separated darkness from within the protagonist, Moon/Virin, will be the last and final antagonist of the story, in the second part of the continuation. Another idea, was that there will be shown a diamond on Moon/Virin's chest at the start of his fight against his darkness, to make him look like the last "World Protector", and the true "Equestrian Dragon".

This is not, per se, spoilers for the last season, but mere ideas I thought of using in it. So, what do you think of them?

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