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So... Detective Time · 2:52am Apr 26th, 2017

Which one of you wierdos decided I was worth following on Google+?

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Don't look at me, I hate the rotten thing, was forced on it because of YouTube. Only ever go there if someone needs me to for some reason.:twilightoops:

Suspect number one! Always be suspicious of those in denial.

Anyway, yeah, I am getting that. I figured it was either someone on here, or some random person, so I want to rule out one of those first. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to send a message to anyone on Google+, so I had to resort to asking here first.

4510375 Thus the reason I hate it, can't figure it out either. Very user unfriendly.:twilightsmile:

Well, a comment on something of theirs works too, I guess. That's what I just did.

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