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    Dammit to hell, I wanted a chapter out before I had to write another blog post. The store I work at is moving, so a liquidation sale started. This is drawing in a massive amount of people and the managers have been piling on hours. I wanted to have chapter 20 done by Christmas and be working on previous chapter edits by now, but...that just didn't happen.

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    Merry Chrysler

    Or we’ll, two days after.

    So working on a story at Disney World without a computer is damn near impossible. I’ll have chapter 18 done before New Years. Final promise. It’s happening. Thanks for putting up with my delays.


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    Okay, this was seriously over due...

    I wish I could say that this was some announcement about the next chapter of Hell & High Water. I wish I could tell you that chapter 18 is nearly done and I'm just pondering a few minor details.

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    Alright, Spring semester officially ends for me this coming Thursday the 10th, then and about. Hopefully I'll be able to start dedicating some real time to the story again. At this point, I'm beyond ready to have a break from Calculus.

    Thanks for the patience.

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    GX Edits

    Both chapters of Equestria Girls GX are edited and published. Chapter 1 has been entirely overhauled with Chapter 2 being edited to fit it into continuity.

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Design Evolution of *Spoiler* and *Spoiler* · 7:36pm Apr 23rd, 2017

First off.

Mine were also made in MS Paint so warning there too

As promised, here's the design evolutions of Stanza and Marred. Take a peek if you want to see how I envision our main characters.

The Start. First concept sketch of Stanza.

Awesome drawing done by GPizano Check them out if you want, here too. Warning: Expect concept art for possible spoilers on the full DA for down the line. (Links directly to the image, rest of page may have spoilers)

Crossing Over. Nothing like meeting another future. Made for an RP between the GPizano and I. These two...argue. A lot.

Not a cutie mark, just symbolism. Once more, Sunshine and Stanza giving each other their standard hello.

And with a little edit to the Heart and t-shirt, the Final Design. (As of now)

As for the little shit, she had a much shorter design period.

First concept

After deciding the colors didn't make sense for the rules of magic I was using, I ended up with Marred as she currently appears.

I'm glad there was an interest in people wanting to see these! They were made offhandedly in Paint so i could give myself an idea of what I'm working with when I write this world. If you have your own interpretations of how they look though, by all means stick to them!

Comments ( 6 )

Personally I dont think some of the facial expressions match with how they are in the story. (first pic looks good though, would like to see that in her normal form) That second pic....did she gain weight? XD Other then the little nit-picks I think they look great. (despite being done in paint they still look great)

4507384 Thank you. Yeah, they're not really meant to match where they are currently, just design in general.
GPizona's style is more her own and less accurate to the show's twigginess.

Is it just me, or does Marred look a lot like a more confident, punk version of Sonata?

Also, where does this RP between Stanza and Sunset occur?

4507602 Timeline wise? A couple months after the initial Anon-a-Miss event

4507612 Ah, so it is within the possibility of a sequel? *hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink* :scootangel:

Also, I really dig the way Stanza and Marred look. How they are going to make the Humane 4 believe it is them, is something I will be thinking about, but want NO hints about.

4507619 Stories never truly end. There's a lot of things I'd like to do with these two, and more characters, we just have to see if I can. :raritywink:

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