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Hey there! I like to write stuff, sometimes... Don't take my work too seriously, just enjoy it. ^^; [I also write non-pony stories on Ao3~!]

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    Well this is embarrassing...

    I've not really updated on here in over two years, but I do occasionally log in to see what's new and if my favorite stories have been updated. (Looking at you MerlosTheMad)

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    In case anyone wasn't aware... [Spoilers for upcoming Equestria Girls EP Mirror Magic]

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    Lost to the sands of time...


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    Forgot to mention...

    I'm on Ao3 as well if anyone wants to read non-pony related stories :moustache:

    New chapters are on the way~! Please be patient with me as I scramble to get classwork done~! :derpytongue2:

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    And then I died...

    Not really!

    Actually quite the opposite!
    I'm fixing to graduate and just got a part time job for the summer! :D
    Hence the reason for no update... :U

    Please don't worry though! I promise once everything settles down again I'll get to writing.

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Lost to the sands of time... · 2:16am Apr 21st, 2017


I found the first ever mlp work of fiction I ever read. :|
Why is this important for me to share?

- The story left enough of an impression of me to spend an agonizing amount of time searching through Google for it, since it's been 5 years and 15-year-old me never bothered to bookmark anything I could type into google for.
- it was a massive story with a fairly captivating plot full of twists and turns which lead me to think about how to properly structure plot narrative consistently through story transitions.
- this was written back when the show first aired, and tbh I wasn't a major pegasister back then but somehow I became drawn to this story and what the world of mlp 'could become' based off stuff happening in s1.
- idk it was just captivating to me

I haven't read it in forever, and only just remembered it existed this week. To all y'all writers here on finfiction, I highly reccomened checking this story out.
(Be warned though, it's got war and death and a ton of dark ritualistic magic in it. :|)

Anyways, back to finishing up my finals~! :pinkiesmile:

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