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Kaiju Profile: Zetton · 11:27pm Apr 17th, 2017

(Kaiju used in the Kaiju Ponies section of the Equestria Across the Multiverse story done over on DA (which will EVENTUALLY be posted here) and made with some help from Tarbtano, as it's set in an alternate universe version of the universe of his amazing fanfic The Bridge, though it's written with the idea he exists in the prime universe and simply never appeared due to different circumstances. Kaiju Ponies can be found (WIP):

Jaunt 4.16 - Kendell2 Kaiju Ponies Pt 1 - http://brutalityinc.deviantart.com/art/Equestria-Across-the-Multiverse-Jaunt-4-631905133
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Jaunt 15.6 - Kendell2 Kaiju Ponies Pt 3 - http://brutalityinc.deviantart.com/art/Equestria-Across-the-Multiverse-Jaunt-15-666637177
Jaunt 17.1 - Kendell2 Kaiju Ponies Pt 4 - http://www.deviantart.com/art/Equestria-Across-the-Multiverse-Jaunt-17-671367193)


Title: The Ultra Killer
Alias: Z-Ton


Species: 'Space Dinosaur' from Planet Zetton.
Height: 120 meters.
Weight: 60,000 Tons

Primitive Zettons – ancestors.

Morality: Zetton is similar to the Nebulan cyborg Gigan in that he is essentially a mercenary, and the two have been known to work well together on the occasion the Zettonians and Nebulans deploy both at once in join operations and have some measure of 'professional respect' for one another. Zetton differs in that he is completely 'silent', in the sense that he never communicates 'verbally'. Zetton is relentless and determined, and does not know the meaning of retreat. He will destroy or capture what his masters have sent him to until they order him otherwise or he dies trying, even if it means pursuing his target across star systems and grievous injury. He doesn't care what his duty is, he will complete it with efficiency and brutality in equal measure.

One thing to note is while the Zettonians do lend their ultimate weapon to other races on occasion, if at any point he's ordered by his masters to betray them, he will do so without warning or remorse.

In combat, Zetton is cunning and efficient, using his powers to neutralize his opponent's advantages in any way he can and keep his own. He has a preference for long range where his arsenal can be used to its greatest extent, despite being a physical power house.

Traits: Ability to survive and fight in the vacuum of space with no issue, alien biology, durable hide, 'eyes' located on the chest instead of the 'head', extremely physically powerful.


Teleportation: Similar to Gigan, Zetton can teleport short distances. Unlike Gigan, he can 'teleport spam' near indefinitely so long as he is not incumbered in any way. However, unlike Gigan, he cannot teleport anything else with him and his over all range is considerably less. He otherwise shares the same limitations as his fellow mercenary kaiju.

Meteor Fireball: Zetton can project a variety of yellow fireballs from the eye-like marking on his 'head'. Depending on how long he charges, these can range from smaller and weaker fireballs that can be fired in quick succession to ones capable of producing explosions larger than Zetton himself. The strongest of these fireballs burns at a temperature of one trillion degrees and all of them are highly explosive and dangerous. His characteristic 'Z-Ton' cry that he is named for is in fact a sound produced by drawing in energy for this attack rather than a roar or intentional vocalization.

Zetton Shutter: Zetton can produced a blue energy shield around himself capable of protecting him from even powerful attacks. If Zetton is 'closing' the shutter the moment his opponent's attack hits it, the attack will be bounced back.

Zetton Light Bullet: A light ball fired from his 'face'. These can be fired more rapidly than his weaker fireballs, but cannot be charged to become stronger.

Zetton Final Beam: Zetton's most powerful and deadly ability: he is capable of catching an opponent's beam attack and use the energy to fire an extremely powerful energy wave from his hands. This multiplies the force of the attack he is countering several times over, similar to the Fire Mirror of Super X2 or the UN Mechagodzilla's Plasma Grenade. The stronger the attack the more powerful the counter attack and is typically aimed at an opponent's weak point if Zetton is aware of it and has a proper opening.

Super Strength: Zetton is incredibly physically powerful to the point of being able to rival many physical powerhouse kaiju. His moniker of 'The Ultra Killer' comes from a favored kill move of crushing an Ultra's extremely durable Color Timer through brute force alone. *

Travel Sphere: While not capable of flight, Zetton is capable of encasing himself in an energy sphere to permit interstellar travel.

Weakness: Zetton lacks any proper attack with which to 'beam struggle' with an opponents, and in such a case must rely on either spamming his weaker Meteor Fireballs to stave off the opponent's beam or use his other abilities to evade. The Zetton Shutter also lacks any protection from attacks directly above or directly below the kaiju. Zetton, while durable to an extent, is not as durable as other kaiju in his physical weight class, and despite his large size lacks the weight of many others, as well as lacks any active healing factor. Because of this he relies on the Zetton Shutter, combat skills, and teleportation to avoid taking damage and may be in trouble is these considerable defenses are compromised.

If in grapple with an opponent or otherwise forcibly attached to anything other than himself, Zetton cannot teleport, unlike Gigan.

Zetton's greatest weakness, however, is that many of his abilities, including his teleportation, Zetton Shutter, and most importantly his Zetton Final Beam, require his arms to be placed in certain positions in order to use, and thus can only be done if his arms are not limited in their movement and the lose of use of one would significantly decrease his effectiveness.


Zetton's species, as their name suggests, are 'dinosaurs' native to the Zettonian homeworld. While in no way befitting a Terrans definition of the word, it should be noted this is simply the closest approximation of the word in the Zettonian language. It is unclear if the species was named for the planet or vice versa, but what is known is the Zettonians have a reverence for the creatures as the strongest species to ever walk their planet, their own 'Alpha Predator' so to speak.

However, as Zetton's species is seemingly extinct on his homeworld, the actual method with which the Zettonians acquired a living specimen is unknown, and closely guarded by the aliens. This makes many believe they have the method to create acquire a second Zetton the same as they did the first, but for whatever reason have not done so. One theory is Zetton is, like many apex creatures, territorial and would not tolerate the presence of a second member of his kind, despite his loyalty to his handlers, another is simply the process is prohibitively resource heavy and mass production is impractical.

What is known, however, is Zetton is the Zettonian's greatest weapon, and feared by the space faring, heroic aliens known as the Ultras for a number of them killed by the beast. It was for this reason that despite being part of the alliance to invade Terra during the Final Wars, Zetton was never deployed to the planet itself. Instead, his reputation and perceived threat was used to send the Ultras and their cousin species the Zones on a wild goose chase by letting them 'learn' of an 'attack' by the Space Dinosaur elsewhere in the universe, providing the diversion for the Final Wars invasion to happen without outside intervention.

* Based on how the original intent of his fight with Ultraman would've had this as the killing blow.

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4500240 Indeed. Zetton WAS one of the strongest Ultra Kaiju.

Also, he's an Expy of Combustion Man from Avatar personality wise. Seemed fitting.

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