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A German who likes history, and WW2 technology but not war. "Within the darkness there is light and hope"

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  • 68 weeks
    New/updated coverart

    Hello everyone/everypony. I just thought I inform you Bronie312 updated the coverart he made, meaning this would suit better.

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  • 81 weeks

    Hi guys. Hope you are all doing well in those difficult times.

    Just want to inform you Pinto of the Ardennes now has a cover, made by Bronie312. Much applied!

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  • 107 weeks
    I am well

    Hi guys. Just want to tell you am fine, despite the virus thing. My birthday tomorrow (technically today as it's past midnight right now) It will be a bit delayed with gifts and celebration, but better later than never

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  • 111 weeks
    Made a collab

    Hi guys! I am happy to announce that I made a collab with another author.

    It's a mature story about Alice and Thunderlane.

    Why? Because it was a thought I played with a long time ago and I find there are too few stallion on woman stories out there.

    So, anyone interested (And old enough) have a go!

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  • 116 weeks
    150 milestone

    150 followers... huh, never expected that to happen

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Future and delay · 3:50pm Apr 10th, 2017

Hello again! I'm sorry to tell you, due final exam and other things, I can't update my stories or upload new ones, but I should be able to update and upload after my final exam in may. I can't promise but I try.

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Real life comes first, after all. :pinkiecrazy:


If it didn't, then I would literally write 24/7. :derpytongue2:


I'm getting really excited about my upcoming story for the 50 follower special...I'm getting close to 50. Teehee, I bet the story's going to turn out really good with what I have planned for it. :pinkiecrazy:


I just hope I can finish Series of Chaotic Events before I hit 50. I will try so that I don't have 5 incomplete stories up at once. Shouldn't be too difficult since it's only supposed to be about 5 chapters long. :derpytongue2:

4491949 gibt es einen Grund warum du deine stories gelöscht hast? Ich fand sie sehr gut

4494673 also ich finde sie waren das Gegenteil, sehr gute Storys.

4498780 Also mir haben sie gefallen. Ist deine wahl, vielleicht schreibst du sie ja neu und verbessert, wer weiß

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