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Im totally pissed off. · 5:57pm Apr 1st, 2017

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4479801 I don't get enough respect from someone who should be giving me the most.

4479805 well, that a understandable reason to be mad. Is this by chance relating to you and your boyfriend?

4479943 yeah, it is. I just want to spend some time with him but he doesn't care.

4479957 i'm not trying to take any sides, but in his defense you did hurt him pretty bad. He might want some time to himself.

4479965 no this is different. Last night I was worried him about him and stayed up two hours just so he could tell me to stop hitching and fick off.

4479972 well, I don't know all the facts about everything, so the best that I can do is hope that things get resolved for the better.

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