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I... am having trouble swallowing this... · 5:50am Mar 26th, 2017

I am in the hospital as I am typing this... Fuck... Goddamn it all, it is so hard to type this right now and keep my emotions in check...

Anyway, my grandfather is on the bed looking deathly ill and for good reason... you see, he doesn't have long to live... I believe one month ago, my family just discovered that he has Testicular Cancer... we bought him to the hospital in the hopes that he could recover and much to my fears, it's not so easy for him which is not a surprise given what we're dealing with here... Every one of my family members is taking this hard. I am as well, and as I said before, I'm keeping my emotions in check.

I've seen and heard a lot of things that would make me well up in tears and not a lot of them do just that since I've seen them all... Now? Seeing my own grandpa in the hospital bed for the first time looking ill with the knowledge that he has cancer... I am legitimately having trouble trying to not let myself burst into tears...

Goddamn it...

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*Grips you in a tight hug*

I may not be the best at comforting speeches, but for you I'll give it a try. Here goes.

I am truly sorry for what is happening to you and your family right now, and I can only imagine what sort of thoughts are brewing in your mind. My advice? Do whatever you can to make yourself smile again. Spend as much time with him now as possible. Keep your grandfather's spirit in your heart, so that he can live on through not only your family members, but through you. I know what it's like to lose a family member so close to you, and the worst part is I wasn't even around to say goodbye. You have to be strong, not only for your grandfather, but for yourself as well. Keep on going, my friend. Keep on going. And know that you still have people around you that can help you through these dark times.

May you be strong. And may your family be strong as well.

4472168 Thanks mate.... I really needed that :twilightsmile:

Ouch, damn... that's horrible man.

I send my best wishes to you guys, and hope you all get through this.

I'll be praying mate. :twilightsmile:

*Gives big hug* You'll be in our hearts and prayers, my friend. :fluttercry:


I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope everything turns out as well as it possibly can.

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