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A Lot to Talk About · 7:15pm Mar 14th, 2017


First off, over the weekend I attended Kansas City's Naka Kon, making it the third year in a row. I had fun but, unfortunately, not quite as much fun as I wish I could have had. There were not a lot of panels that caught my interest so I did very little. I went to a couple of concerts, one by a Japanese band going by the name of Rondonrats and one by A New World (second year appearance at Naka Kon). I even went to a small (and I mean small) Q&A with A New World director Eric Roth, son of Arnie Roth who is also a director and conductor for Distant Worlds and A New World.

All told though, I didn't do a lot. I only cosplayed one day (due to snow and cold weather on Saturday) and my cosplay was a pretty ordinary costume of Sanji from One Piece. And the wig I got kind of drove me nuts as it kept getting in my face and hairs kept getting in my mouth. And I only stayed about half the day on Saturday. So, it could have gone better.

However, Monday was much different. I went in for my enlistment into the Army National Guard and was able to have my dad perform the swearing in. With that, I'll be leaving the site for a while for the training once that starts. This should really help me improve my life as I'm not too happy with where it is right now. But that should change drastically.

Not much else to mention. Send prayers and wish me luck in the National Guard. I would really appreciate it. And thank you all.

Until next week.

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