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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety; I also have a Let's Play channel. :twilightsmile:

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Q&A Round 24 - The Answers! · 5:58pm Mar 14th, 2017

Sorry this has taken so long; I've got a bit of a cold right now, as well as real life commitments to think about.

However, I have found the time to prepare this blog to answer the three lots of questions I received.

(I was hoping to have a cute picture here, but my website is down.)

Let's begin, shall we?

Questions are answered in the order in which they were received.


1. (For the author) Are there any plans for another collaboration? I would love to take part in another collab.

I'm up for organising another one as well; I just need an idea first.

2. (For the author) I've been very inactive here on FimFiction. Is there any possible solutions or things I could do in order for me to be more active here on the site? I feel that I should leave this website because of my inactivity.

I spend a few hours a week reading stories, and posting the occasional blog. There is nothing wrong with having a life outside of this site, so don't feel that you should leave simply because you don't visit that often.

3. (For all the characters in the Geoverse) What are your thoughts on my OC, Slide Fortissimo?

Geo: He plays a mean trombone.
John: Pfft, I could do that if I tried hard enough.
Geo: John, you can't even blow up balloons without needing a rest.
Applejack: He's right, sugarcube; Granny Smith blew up more balloons than you did.
John: Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me for not being perfect!
(He storms off in a huff.)

4. (For the author) Why do you say for everyone to stay awesome? I've been telling everyone to keep up the work and stay awesome. Thank you! ^^

If it wasn't for my followers, I wouldn't be where I am today. They have given me feedback, criticism, the urge to keep writing and the will to get a story finished. For that, they are awesome, and I hope they stay that way.

I :heart: you all! :rainbowkiss:

5. (For the author) Is it possible to take an old roleplay from a forum thread and turn it into a FimFiction story?

It can be done. Did you have something in mind?


1. Fluttershy, does your Stare work on ponies?

Fluttershy: It sometimes works on younger ponies, but not so much on older ones.
John: It doesn't work on humans, either. Believe me, she's tried.
Fluttershy: Well, um... you were trying to eat one of my chickens.
John: A MAN HAS NEEDS, DAMN IT! (Pause.) And the key word there is 'trying;' you found another way to get me to stop.
Fluttershy: I'm still sorry about that, by the way. But, at least the swelling went down within a few days...

2. Flash, have you heard of obtaining a four-leaf clover so that your day will be luckier?

Flash: Luck? I don't need any luck, pal, because I've got everything I need right here!
(He looks around the empty room he's in, then starts to sob.)

3.Main Geo, what are your thoughts on ponies seeing you wearing a kilt?

Geo: I'd never wear a kilt, because I've not got the legs for it.
Twilight: You do wear a kilt... just not in public.
Geo: Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh, Twi, you and your jokes!
Twilight: I'm not joking. (She holds up a kilt.) In fact, I've just finished cle—
(Geo grabs the kilt and runs out of the room with it, cursing all the while.)

4. Heya Cadence, what's your vocal range?

Cadence: I can go as low as a stallion, or high enough to break glass.
Shining Armour: Like you did last ni— (Cadence slugs him in the gut.) Oof!

5.Pinkie, what's the largest thing you've kept in your mane?

Pinkie: I think a better question would be 'What is is the largest thing I haven't kept in my mane?'
Ace: Let me guess, Pinks... you can't think of an answer to either of those questions.
(Pinkie shrugs.)

6. Twilight, is it true that you have doctorates in half of every known field of science?

Twilight: No, it's not true; there are no such things in Equestria. You simply get a certificate saying that you graduated from 'such-and-such a school/college/university.' That way, nopony feels inferior for not having a long list of letters after their name.
Geo: And then there's the fact that Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns is the only education you've had.
Twilight: Plus the School of Hard Knocks.
Geo: ... which you didn't even know about until I mentioned it.
Twilight: ... shut up!

7. Rainbow Dash, what kinds of music if you listen to?

Dash: Rock and rap, mainly; John and Geo taught me about the latter.

8. Apple Bloom, have you built a bow dispenser?

Apple Bloom: No, I ain't smart enough ta do that kind of thing... so Ace built one fer me instead.

9. This is prolly a very stupid question, but... John, why the hecky aren't you dead from working at Sweet Apple Acres?

John: Because I'm used to hard work, that's why. Plus, AJ gives me lots of 'incentives' for doing stuff. (Pause.) Well, she did before she got pregnant.
Geo: Wait, she's still not had the foal yet?
John: I know, right? It's like she's been pregnant for years.

10. Princess Luna, do you still have a galaxy in your mane?

Luna: I did... until somepony ate it.
Dusk Wind: Mmm, chocolate.

DISCLAIMER: Other brands of chocolate are available.


First one as always goes to the author.
1.Hey man how go's it?

Other than this freaking cold, quite well. Thanks for asking. :twilightsmile:

The rest of goes to the characters.
2. Discord was tha platypus your idea?

Discord: Of course it was! I had some spare parts lying around, and felt that I should use them.
Celestia: I heard you were drunk when you created that animal.
Discord: ... you heard correctly. (He sighs.)

3. Celestia just how much cake can you eat?

(She gives you a look, as if to say 'are you really asking me that question?')

4. Soooo Armor,Cadence was just love at first sight with you two or were there others before you two hooked up?

Cadence: It was love at first sight.
Shining Armour: I actually had a marefriend before I met Cadence. It didn't end well... which I'm thankful for.
Cadence: Who was she?
Shining: She was an exchange student who was into some really freaky stuff. For example, she once asked if she could call me 'Daddy' while we were—
(Cadence slaps a hoof over his mouth.)
Cadence: That's enough information, honey. Thank you.

5. Hey Spike I remember when you and your spy guy wrote a letter to Twilight making her believe it was from Geo wanting hardcore bdsm. How that turn out for the two of you again? I can't seem to remember.:rainbowkiss:

John: We got locked in the dungeons for a week.
Spike: Twilight and Geo seemed to forget all about us.
John (under his breath): I'm not surprised, given that getup she was wearing.
Spike: What?
John: Nothing.

6. Hey Luna how have you been buetifull?

Luna: I have been well. Thank you for asking. (She looks around.) How strange; a certain coltfriend of mine isn't rushing in here to scream bloody murder at you for 'hitting on me.'
(Dusk Wind lets out a muffled groan from his position at Luna's hooves, where he is bound and gagged.)

7. Hey Ace does Geo still rage quit when he loses at video games?

Ace: Of course he does. Hell, I think he loses on purpose; he has a ton of money now, what with being a Prince, so he can afford to pay for me to create a new console. Either that, or he just sucks at gaming.

8. Trixie where on equis are you?

Trixie: Trixie is... around. She does not know when she will come back, but she is still here!
(Pinkie appears from nowhere.)
Pinkie: Silly Trixie, you'll appear when the author decides to continue with the series!
(She vanishes before Trixie can question her further.)

9. Does anybody else think that it was not velvet giving Geo a bj but night light instead?

John: What's all this, then?
Geo: ... shit.
John: You did the horizontal tango with your in-laws?
Geo: Not both of them... just Velvet.
John: But was it her who was in the bed?
Geo: Yes, definitely.
John: Oh, shit, so all of those times I called you a 'motherfucker' actually meant something?! Ha... HAHAHAHAHA! (He cackles uproariously, not noticing Geo signal the nearby guards. He is quickly set upon and put in chains, before being dragged towards the dungeon.) OH, COME ON!

Until the next time, everyone.

Stay awesome.

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Comments ( 2 )

Yay answers. Thanks for getting these out even when your sick dude. Get better.

Hope you get better soon. Then again, there's no use writing when sick. The quality's different when you're not at your best.

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